Harassment and homophobia through gym name

Hello everyone,

Sorry if i'm in the wrong section of the forum.

i'm unfortunately experiencing homophobia in the game :

  • the gym near my house was renamed in a awful and homophobic way
  • pokemons / trainers added in the gym have offensive nicknames.

This all against me since i am gay and i live with my husband.

I’ve contacted Niantic support through the app.

What more can I do ?

🚩Update 1 : the answer from Niantic ... really ?? You can be insulted and offended because of your skin color or your **** orientation and not taken seriously? OMG

Hello Trainer,

Thank you for contacting Pokémon GO support.

I see that you're trying to report an in-game location. Please reach out to our dedicated team using the following link and they will be able to assist you accordingly:


If you have any questions, write to us.

🚩Update 2 : I filled the form and hit an answer : I should do it manually using the gym three dots. Well very disappointed and hurt. What’s worse the insults or Niantic behavior ?



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