Keeps getting rejected, need some insight

The nomination in question is a small art gallery of an art society. Which can be seen on the Street view from 2011 and the new photosphere I've added. Basically, members of the society display their art in that free-to-enter art gallery. Pieces of art, most of the time display local motifs as the memebers are local artists. And in my opinion should be eligible per "a great place for exploration/ galleries" criterion and previous "venues that showcase fine art" and "hidden gem" . Here is a photo, so you could actually see what I'm talking about.

Main photo and supporting (just one of the many I've used)

The first photo is just one of the photos I've used as the main photo. I've tried every variant. Just the sign, sign+window, sign+window+door, etc.

Now your first impression might be, this is definitely a "generic business" (it's selling art?).

Well, there is a big white and red sign which says "Likovno Društvo Mansarda" and smaller red letters beneath which say "Hrvatsko društvo likovnih i literarnih umjetnika". And if I translate that to English it would say " Art Society Mansarda", " Croatian society of fine and literary artists" (I believe it's the correct translation). And I always add that translation/info into supporting info. I've also added multiple photos (imgur album) of the window just to prove, there are no prices on the pieces of art.

Also, I've added this photo

It's a sign, brown with white letters which says. "Izložba slika i ostalog/ stalni postav". Translated to English would be "Painting and other(art) exhibit/ permanent exhibition". And I always include the translations into the supporting info with the photo.

In my opinion I've proved that, this is an art gallery and certainly doesn't sell art. Maybe I'm wrong and that's why I'm looking for some insight to improve this gallery.

Just to add, upgraded or not, it doesn't matter. It still gets rejected with either "generic business", " doesn't meet criteria", or "PRP (****?)"

Any help would be appreciated, and I'll be answering any of your questions. Tnx in advance.


  • TheNonFutile-INGTheNonFutile-ING Posts: 37 ✭✭

    Oh how lovely that that place is still there! We have an almost identical little picture of Crkva Svih Svetih to that one in the window on the mantelpiece, bought many years ago. I agree with JohnnyAlphaCZ's recommendations. Please keep resubmitting along those lines.

  • toniukupaoni-INGtoniukupaoni-ING Posts: 41 ✭✭

    Thanks for the reply. I see you found the website I failed to mention. I've used it a couple of times, but it really doesn't mention the gallery. It's more orientated on the art society. So it really doesn't help that much as I'd wish. The title and the description you've suggested, I've already used something similar. But I do really like your description, as it's short and get the point across.

  • toniukupaoni-INGtoniukupaoni-ING Posts: 41 ✭✭

    It is still there!! And the church got a new design (red and white). So the picture might be outdated (lol). I've submitted this art gallery 36 times, and it was rejected as many. But, I'll try and get this one through.

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 817 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agreed keep submitting this until it gets accepted. I have 100% faith in it & if I get it I will rate it well for you. Thanks for posting!

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