Hello, I ask you to delete the portal with the mismatch coordinates 55.674212, 43.820007


  • podstebal-INGpodstebal-ING Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hello, I ask you to remove the portal with its discrepancy as it is not on the map I attach photos as proof.

  • Riebida-INGRiebida-ING Posts: 174 ✭✭✭

    When submitting an appeal, please use the below format:

    Title of the Wayspot: [Title]

    Location: [Lat/Long]

    City: [City]

    Country: [Country]

    Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attach Screenshot]

    Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

    Additional information: [If you have more explanations, add them here]

  • WayfarerMSE-PGOWayfarerMSE-PGO Posts: 1,592 ✭✭✭✭✭

    A normal photo will not be enough here. Due to the low resolution of the satellite view, a photo sphere is helpful - or even better: several photos with geotag from different directions which also show the buildings.

  • NianticKKNianticKK Posts: 536 mod
    edited January 2021

    Insufficient Evidence - Resubmit Appeal. Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to retire the Portal in question.

    If you have additional evidence to share, please submit a geotagged image and a 360° video of the POI original location and we’ll take another look.

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