Sponsored Pokestop in wrong location, to far to move.

I'm asking for help on this one because a sponsored pokestop is in the wrong location. It's the Starbucks one on 11400 S. and 5415 W. in South Jordan, Utah. The stop is in the middle of the road and isn't what I would say a good or safe location would be, but it's too far to move, and because it's sponsored there isn't much we can do to fix it.

This is the spot in question is about

40.5377717520596, -112.02024935060706

The correct location should be, or close to.

40.53964118161133, -112.0203934170405

It's actually inside the smiths and there is a door that has the word CAFE on it, that is how you get inside. You can actually see it on Google maps.




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