Massive Portal Abuse in Sulęcin, Poland

Title of the Wayspots: attached in .txt document

Location: 52.46641, 15.126886

City: Sulęcin

Country: Poland

Intel link:,15.126886&z=16

Additional information:

I'm writing here to report the massive Portal abuse, which has a place near Sulęcin, in Poland. By clicking the link above, you can find over 40 fake portals.

Using the Ingress Mission Creation Tool, I found a two simillar Portals named Kasztanowiec Pospolity - first is located in the cluster near Sulęcin, second is located in Żołędowo.

Link to Portal Kasztanowiec Pospolity near Sulęcin:,15.123482&z=18&pll=52.464469,15.123583

Link to Portal Kasztanowiec Pospolity Żołędowo in Żołędowo:,18.058276&z=17&pll=53.216379,18.058276

The other example of "stolen" Portal is Tablica Dolina Bukowa:

Link to the Portal in the cluster:,15.126102&z=17&pll=52.46541,15.126102

Link to the Portal near Gwieździn (the real one):,17.177261&z=17&pll=53.756,17.177261

I could find simillar examples, but I think I have shared enough. Please conside removing the Portals, because I'm getting new fake submissions when I review nominations in Wayfarer. I also attached a full fake Portals list.

Thanks in advance, MikM1376



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