Don't want to keep submitting but wrongly rejected

I have a location that's been wrongly rejected twice. I take a picture of the sign which list the activities of the area. It is public and also has a walking trail, fishing dock, public boat ramp, parking, and portapotty.

It gets denied for being a natural object but yet I take a picture of the sign. It doesn't fit any of the rejection criteria and is actually listed as exactly what Niantic is looking for. I tried messaging Niantic about abuse of reviewers, not abuse of submitters but they just tell me to resubmit.

I also don't want to keep submitting it just to negatively affect my rating in some way. But it's wrong and the reason for denial is completely wrong. I even tried to submit the public boat ramp which is little known and it was denied for same reason.

Recent Submission:

Nomination ID: WwpTte8f+nnK3scBNIFpHzyBxfVptFEm3xcwTFVyjpU=

Old Submission:

Nomination ID: b1bSMKZgnVDX7MorA1DhA+TReEY4+q+3usOFTgn/mZo=

Boat Ramp:

Nomination ID: OTKd1zTJINJob4zwbVSXi5KTx2GCzw40FZ+YFgSICSw=



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