Fake Mosques of Pare-Pare, Part 1

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Title of the Wayspot: [see below]

Location: [see below]

City: Pare-Pare, Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi)

Country: Indonesia

Found this during review, again. It's starting to get weird that there are many 'fake' mosques were approved back then in entire Sulawesi Island.

Anyway, it's much likely similiar than my previous reports from the same island, mismatched photos with actual location, marker was misplaced somewhere, actually someone's house, etc. Here's a piece of Satelite view for the reference:

Now, a list:

1. Musollah ramadan -4.037699,119.634966 (nomination in review, actually someone's house but its marker were located on some trees instead)

2. Masjid Mihfatul Tatane -4.037319,119.634715 (mismatched photo with Satelite view, marker is actually on someone's house)

3. Masjid Multazam -4.037183,119.635704 (marker is on someone's house, completely a duplicate to an actual mosque Wayspot that is located at -4.037848,119.635493, however from the Satelite view this actual Wayspot is a bit misplaced so please relocate it just a bit to East)

And there should be more fakes like this in the area, unfortunately I was running out of time to check every Wayspots there so I'll report more when I got another nomination from that area.

Please take a look at this. Thank you!



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