Large suspicious clusters on a temple complex

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Location: 1.129519,104.034825

City: Batam, Kepulauan Riau

Country: Indonesia

Just reviewing this, a submitter nominated a mango tree in front of his/her house.

However, there's something that was took my interest when I check the Duplicate map:

There's a cluster of 30+ Wayspots in that location. The location is known as Kompleks Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, known as the biggest Buddhist temple in South East Asia (or at least in the city). The temple is also known as foreign tourists destination, and during religious days (Vesak, Cap Go Meh, etc.), the visitor can reach up to 5-6 thousand (not during pandemic, of course).

There's an article in English if you're interested:

It consists of a Buddhism temple, a Buddhism monastery, K-12 schools (pre-school to high school) and an university. If I'm correct, the area can be divided as the following:

Red: Main Temple area, Yellow: Monastery area, Green: K-12 schools area, Blue: University area.

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to check every Wayspot in that area, so I'll explain in the outline. Almost every Wayspot in that area has the word 'Maitreya' (referring to a Boddhisattva in Buddhism religion, also the whole temple complex) in their title. Now, for each section:

• Main Temple and Monastery area

The temple area has indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor part are visible from Street view, but not the indoor.

You can see that there's a series of statues on the temple yard (outdoor area). I believe that every statues there were nominated and become live Wayspots back then, at which some of them were actually misplaced. There are some outdoor objects that are also become Wayspots, too.

However, I don't have any idea about the indoor area, as there's no photo (from Google search) I can use as further evidence.

The monastery is just at the back of the temple.

The number of Wayspots here is less than the temple area. They're most likely were misplaced from their actual location (temple area), yet again, I couldn't find any evidence for this, as most of them are indoor objects.

The temple is open for public (not during pandemic), but school and undergraduate (university) students in that complex are also using this temple, too. You can see some school students were walking on a monastery, possibly after worshipping from the temple back to the school.

• K-12 schools and University area

The schools (kindergarten (KB/TK), elementary (SD), junior high school (SMP), senior high school (SMA) and vocational high school (SMK)) and the university are managed by Yayasan Pancaran Maitri, a foundation managed by the temple.

The school area has even fewer Wayspots compared to other areas, which are either misplaced from temple/monastery area or exactly located on K-12 schools.

The university area has some Wayspots as well, too. Unfortunately, I don't know if the school and university did share the same building as I don't know the exact boundary between them.

I don't know how many Wayspots in that location becoming Pokestops or Gyms in PoGO, so please adjust the Wayspots in this area carefully. Thank you!



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