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Vanished Nomination

Has anyone experienced this? Lvl 41 PoGo player here. I submitted a nomination yesterday. Received the email with the nomination ID. Went into Wayfarer to fix a spelling mistake while it was in queue, but I couldn’t hit the DONE button after the edit, and hit back to refresh- now the nomination is gone from my list entirely. Not in queue, not withdrawn, just like it never existed.

Will I need to resubmit the POI? Can I use the nomination ID to locate it anywhere in wayfarer or elsewhere?


  • Hi @Snecols-PGO,

    I have looked into your account and can see that your submission titled "Larkins Pond Trailmarker- Freshwater Entrance" is working as intended.

    This happens if your nomination requires an additional level of review to ensure it's not abusive and/or in violation of policy. In these instances, it would not appear in the nominations section within Wayfarer until it's completed its review. Don't worry, your nomination isn't lost!


  • Snecols-PGOSnecols-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help 🙂.

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