Pokestop Removal Approved But no change in 20 Days?

Fillain-PGOFillain-PGO Posts: 2
edited January 2021 in Misc Appeals Discussion

Submission Date: Jan 3, 2021 

Submission ID: 5nYwymnMXmbpNNkFDJYeXunJkvIv0Px4yPP82Ao/LF8=

Title of the Wayspot: Locust Leaves

Location: 40.5790602,-105.1448793,12

City: Fort Collins

Country: United States of America

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Screenshot Attached

I thought that accepted removals would sync at the same time as new wayspots, but this pokestops/portal has remained in both games 20 days after receiving the acceptance email. Is this unusual?



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