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POI finally synced to Pokemon Go but hasn't turned into a gym yet in Pokemon Go?

My POI (submitted Jan 16, accepted Jan 20) went through a few days ago once the niantic team (@NianticCasey-ING) resolved the issue with an interrupted sync between Wayfarer & Pokemon Go for the period from Jan 15-20. Since there already was an existing Pokestop in the level 14 S2 cell prior to my accepted POI, I expected the successful sync of my POI to result in one of the two stops becoming a gym. However, this hasn't happened yet or at all...

A second POI of mine (submitted Jan 21, accepted Jan 23) successfully synced into Pokemon Go with today's (Jan 24) scheduled sync and is also in the same level 14 S2 cell. At the moment, the level 14 S2 cell shows three Pokestops (as opposed to the 'expected' 2 Pokestops and 1 gym).

Can anyone kindly advise if the process for Pokestops becoming gyms has changed? (Or is this a bug/issue, perhaps even related to the previous sync bug?)

Thanks in advance!

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