Porto submissions - Clogged wayfarer system?

Hello @NianticCasey-ING

I live in centre of Porto (which is basically the second capital of Portugal).

For a long time, in Porto area (which includes several areas such as Matosinhos, Porto [concelho/centre] and Maia) there is the suspicion that the wayfarer system is clogged here. We only get results by applying upgrades.

I am aware that priorities depends on the POI density, however, it is strange how an Upgraded submission takes several days to get out of In Queue to In Voting and more days to know the results.

But then the lockdown happened. In other areas and with the feedback of the national wayfarer community, there is a faster reviewing system, even without applying an upgrade. It is clear since we are on lockdown, more players stuck at home help review the submissions. Even in the capital Lisbon, there are faster results of the submissions.

But Porto area is still the same. It takes too long, 6+ months to get results...

I can share privately one of my submissions that are in queue and upgraded for you to use an example.

thank you for the attention


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