Maby this was ok? Could there be a stop? I have already tried twice and still it is not possible ...


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    Recreation and activity related business are generally eligible as either a great place for exercice/be social (Unless it'a a chain business).

    The promo video only shows young childrens. Is it an amusement center for the whole family or it's primarily focussed for young childrens? In the latter case, it's more delicate as it may be classified as K-12 rejection.

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    A facebook page?

    What's your nomination?

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    Two issues with this.

    1) I don't think the K-12 is a problem. A business like this will always require a parent to be present. Unlike schools, they don't assume agency of kids in lieu of parents being present. But that is a very difficult concept to explain in a nomination.

    2) This whole process rewards and punishes places like this based on their business model. So while we would 5* an entertainment center that is locally owned or a single instance of the business, we actively punish those that provide the exact same services who have gotten successful enough to open multiple locations or become "chains" even if being a chain means there's only 1 in your city or state. I have a philosophical problem with that concept. Be good, but not too good.

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    He said that he has tried twice, so he could show us his nominations, not a facebook page.

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    We need to see your whole nomination - photo, supporting photo and all text.

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    I just wanted to know can there even be a stop? Will I try again?

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    Short version, it's chain business, but could be unique in the smallish town it"s located. Changing to Finnish

    Periaatteessa voidaan hyväksyä, rohkaisee sosiaaliseen kanssakäymiseen ja liikkumiseen. Valitettavasti Touhutalo on osa yritysketjua ja toiminta suunnattu lapsille, mikä aiheuttaa hankaluuksia.

    Yritä tehdä selväksi, että

    -Touhutalon kaltainen lasten toiminnallinen leikkipaikka on uniikki Ylivieskassa (paikallisesti).

    -ei ole päiväkoti


    Otsikko: Ylivieskan Touhutalo (korostaa paikallisuutta)

    Nopea esimerkki, viilaa paremmaksi paikallisena. :)

    Touhutalo on Ylivieskan ainoa/tunnetuin/suosittu lapsille ja heidän vanhemmilleenkin suunnattu toiminnallinen sisäleikkipuisto. Kesäisin leikkivarusteita myös talon ulkoalueella.

    Support osio

    Pienehkön kaupungin lapsiperheiden varsinkin talviaikaan suosima ja paikallisesti tärkeä sisäleikkipuisto. Konseptin (ei siis päiväkoti) voi tarkistaa

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    thank you so much for your answer :)

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    You're welcome. Just be prepared for rejection. I tried nominating HopLop in Kuopio and it was rejected. Businesses are still hard to ger accepted.

  • Abalienation-PGOAbalienation-PGO Posts: 15 ✭✭

    I just wanted to know can there even be a stop? Will I try again?

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    Don't include any photos of the inside of the place - it looks too mcu h like a "kids playground - K-12 site" if you do.

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    Maybe? I just passed a children's playground inside an airport. Not happily. (I hate Basque language submissions.) I suspect it will pass because all playgrounds here pass.

    That said, if you are going for the playground aspect, label it as a playground. In Spain, that would be "Parque Infantil " but no clue where you are. Keep the title simple. "X playground" or "Playground Y" depending on language construct/order where you live. Take a 360 photo. In both, make sure playground equipment is visible, along with a border like a fence inside to make clear this is one aspect of what is going on inside a mall. (Several 360 photos from different sides and connected photos also useful.) Make sure photo submission is portrait orientation and no kids.

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