Only comic book / Hobby shop in town and region rejected as "fake"

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Title of the Wayspot: e-Legion

Location: 51.219351 / 22.701272

City: Świdnik

Country: Poland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: My nomination has been wrongly rejected as "fake". It is the only hobby store in the area with comic books, games and puzzles. The store also has its own website I can the shop on this Streev View


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    You can't appeal rejected nomination on this forum, but you can ask for Nomination Improvement

    What I can see :

    The shop is in the "inside" face of the building and there is no street view here. Make sure to place the photosphere pin and the submission location pin the closest possible together so that reviewers see the photosphere first while reviewing. Otherwise, mention in the supplemental informathion that there is a Photopshere and give the short link : so that they can see the store.

    Also, don't hesitate to mention in the supplemental information that "Gaming/Comic stores" are listed as a "A great place to be social with others" in Eligibility Criteria to help reviewers that are not aware of this.

    About rejection reasons, they look all incorrect IMO.

    • It's not fake as it really exist, at the proper location
    • PRP rejection doesn't apply here since it's a residential complex on the upper floors, not a "single family private residential property"
    • URL/HTML doesn't apply. e-Legion is not any kind of coding, it's the real name of the store.

  • Mazur994-PGOMazur994-PGO Posts: 173 ✭✭✭
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    I nominated this shop twice, 2nd time i added link to photosphere in additional information and still get "fake". I just think that people does not read rules and when they see shop they automatically reject it.

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