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Upgrades being held?

Belahzur-INGBelahzur-ING Posts: 632 ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi @NianticCasey-ING - me again.

If I can get your attention, something is off here, or not working as it should be, upgrade decisions are being "held" - submissions are being seen and reviewed, however it seems like whatever decision is reached, they go into a queue and are being released in big batches, a few of the UK Telegram group were discussing it and a few of us all got our submissions back in a big cluster (more or less) at the same exact time, and this is AFTER an upgrade has been applied, some coming back 24+ hours later, which for myself and a few others is MUCH longer than our normal upgrade turn around (usually within 6-8hrs)

Please can you look into this?

Please see the above snippet from our conversation log, I know this isn't much for "evidence", but something is definitely not as it should be, and if it helps, here's 2 more of mine that came back to me back-to-back, within several minutes around 6:40am on Saturday morning (6th Feb)

I can try and get some more of the UK peoples to hop in here with their submissions, can you ask the Wayfarer team if they've changed something?

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for flagging. I checked with the Wayfarer team and they confirmed that there were a couple of regions that were impacted by approved nominations getting "stuck" a couple times over the past couple of weeks. 

    What you're seeing is the team going in and manually resetting some things to resume processing, which is why things were inconsistent in terms of syncing times.

    The team has assured me that they're working on the root cause of the nominations getting stuck so that this doesn't continue to occur. Thanks again for raising!

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