Any idea what is happening in Logroño, Spain?

I am in Madrid but get things from around Spain (and sometimes Gibraltar, Andorra, Portugal and France) and I got a stop to review in Logroño. I zoomed in to look for duplicates and it just looked so suspicious.

But some of the stops that looked obviously fake were in the above zone. I just got timed out on the reviewing before I could take a screenshot.

I went to IITC Mobile to check what is what and got the above. I know feom the suplicate checking that there werw at least 8 stops in that particular park, all on a ring on the outside with just the main fountain inside as a POI. I believe the link is,-2.4458827686248696&z=18 .

Is this a case of spoofing abuse just cleaned up? Or fake stops that have just passed but are not yet appearing in Ingress?


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