Massive systemic abuse discovered in St. Cloud, Florida - Over 300 fake/abusive portals documented.



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    Your hostile intention in this forum is just as expected. Then why did you still here?

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    @NianticCasey-ING i did not even know fake submits were possible. Since this thread has opened i have seen a severe increase in invalid, false, or otherwise unacceptable submits. This thread has that many views because its giving people the idea to do this. I dont think opening this is the right way to go. If you have taken action against the guilty parties i suggest you delete this thread altogether. Your only jeopardizing and ruining ANY integrity the game has left

  • So my question with all of this. It seems this andi guy is using 3rd party software to monitor new submissions/stops in this town? Thats also not allowed im pretty sure. And what the other person said about giving people this bad idea..? Valid point. @NianticBrian-ING there are apps third party that monitor your software. Isnt that against tos?

  • You say that. But i definitely had no idea this could be done before the post. Probably because i dont do ingress

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    Why do I have a bad feeling with reopening this discussion?..

    Maybe create a new "anti abuse discussion" and close this one?

    This discussion is more likely used to "attack" @AisforAndis-ING then really discussing in general. To stop this specific abuse and create a discussion about abuse in general would make more sense in my eyes.

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    Niantic. The company that make Ingress, Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Hardly 3rd party. Having said that, there are a few add on "extras" for it.

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    Why did you delete my comment once again? All i stated was the truth and nothing else. This situation continues to grow out of hand while yourself and Niantic associates remain idle.

    An absolute PR joke and an absolute community management joke.

    @NianticCasey-ING and the rest of the folks, would you mind explaining why you are so passive on things like this? I'd really like to understand if it's the company policy stopping you from being better, or if this really how you guys are, uncaring, ungrateful and unable to actually fix basic things that not even Activision would let slide (And trust me, if there's any company that's the undisputed champion of the F tier, it's Activision).

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    Perhaps the Niantic mods are "passive" because they have no guidance or even authority to interact with player accounts beyond this forum? Perhaps they are just as frustrated with the current process as we are, but are stuck within the confines of the "company rule". Been there - done that - have gone home at the end of the day utterly frustrated with work, so I have some sympathy with anyone who works in a "customer facing role" like this.

    What might be useful is some insight into how the whole "Cheating / Abuse" process is currently structured within Niantic. I'm not asking for a step by step guide, as that would just encourage people to develop workarounds for it. However, it would be helpful to know how either "Fake Nominations / Abuse reports" are handled when submitted via different sources. Looking at some of the Niantic posts, I get the impression that the "Abuse Team" and the Forum mods here are different entities, and that reports in here (which actually seem to have the greatest chance of being looked at and dealt with) have to be "hand carried" over to a separate set of people. if so, some closer intergration might be helpful.

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    There is nothing rude about my post. It contains a question, followed by a statement, followed by another question.

    Or do you deem me calling Niantic uncaring, ungrateful and unable to fix things as rude? Because these are all valid points. If they weren't, this thread wouldn't exist in the first place, neither would the other dozens of threads similar to this one.

    Also, do not blame me for having the thread previously closed. I didn't close it, nor did i ask it to be closed. The Mods took it upon themselves to close the thread after being barraged with the same sentiment as mine from different users who are seeing their hard work tossed aside and ignored. I don't speak on behalf of anyone but myself, neither do i say what i say based on the feelings of the community, it's exclusively on my own sentiment. And you can be damn sure that if i had gone through as much work as the OP only to have my efforts resulting in "a warning and a pat on the back" to the offenders, it would be much worse.

    However, we have a saying in my country: "The example comes from the top (of the chain of command)". If Niantic workers that get paid don't care about this situation, why would i take my time to care about it, knowing that i earn nothing from it? Not to diminish the efforts of the OP and other thread starters, as i honestly think Niantic would gain a lot from having these sort of people managing these situations rather than the current team they have now.

    So, please, be so kind as to not rudely interrupt my Candy Crush spree without a valid reasoning for it. Much appreciated.

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    Trust me, after working Retail and other jobs, i know what that's like. And i'd get asked the same question i'm asking, to which my reply was always "It's how the company policy works, nothing i can do about it". People would file a complaint at the company, and not at me. Because instead of being a coward and hiding, i told people the truth. And they were grateful (most of the times) for that.

    Sometimes things are beyond your possibility of action. But once you are placed in a position of "Being the face of the company" such as the moderators here, then you have to uphold your integrity, in order for the community to trust you and believe in you. What's being done here is the exact opposite. And once the community loses faith in the representatives of a company, who are the bridge between them and the company, who else will they turn to?

  • Hello! We have been keeping a regular watch on this discussion and appreciate a healthy discussion in our forums as well as entertain feedback on how we can improve further on our abuse responses and actions we take. With this in mind, we will remove any posts that are found to be encouraging toxic behavior.

    Secondly, regarding the abuse reports we had been actively monitoring all the abuse reports we come across and take appropriate actions wherever required. However, as @NianticCasey-ING mentioned, we are going to be refining our responses to be more transparent moving forward. Thanks for your understanding!

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