Would you please remove, “There's Been a Change of Plans”, as there isn't safe access? (2021-Feb-17)

Title of the Wayspot: There's Been a Change of Plans

Location: 36.466522,-121.91465

City: Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Country: US

Additional Information:

I am submitting this appeal on behalf of Ingress Agent NamasteAtLOMB. The rejection email is from NamasteAtLOMB. Please consider removing this wayspot. It is in Garrapata State Park, on a trail that's been closed since 2016 due to safety issues. The reasons for closure have been cited as fires, “trail entrenchment”, and “loss of trail infrastructure.” Additionally, the California Department of Parks and Recreation has indicated that the issues, "present a clear health and safety issue to visitors". Please see the following news release URL from the California Parks as the source for quotes above.

California Parks News Release


Also, the following URL suggests that the safety issues and closures are still ongoing.


Photos to support your claim:

I’ll add the rejection email photo in a subsequent comment.


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