Seeking clarifications regarding the event

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Greetings, I have some doubts regarding the event (for Pokemon Go players):

  1. What are the exact dates when the Pokemons will spawn. The post says during Holi weekend. Afaik that means 27th-28th March. So, will the spawns last 2 days?
  2. Can the tier 2 reward (chance to get a shiny murkrow) be clarified. Is it just a murkrow reward, because that also has a chance to be shiny. Or is it a guaranteed shiny or one with boosted shiny rates?
  3. What pokemons will be spawning during the event?
  4. I did not participate in the Poland event but is there a live count maintained somewhere about the no. of waypoints approved till now?

Lastly, I really appreciate this initiative, thanks a lot to the Wayfarer team!

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