Huge cluster of Pokestops spotted

Location: -6.134693,106.813258

City: Jakarta

Country: Indonesia

Just passing by this location.

You can see that there is a huge cluster consisting of about 50 Pokestops and Gyms in the area. This location is known as Kawasan Wisata Kota Tua, one of main tourists destination of Jakarta. It has mostly everything—historical buildings built since Dutch Colonialism era, museums that show historical artifacts, statues and other installments on the main area (the square) , etc. You can find more informations about this location in Google, so I won't explain the details too much.

Before the pandemic, I've passed that place many times, and only visiting this place to play PoGO once (that's during Treecko Community Day), hence some of the Pokestops there I've spinned once. There was less Pokestops before, but it looks like local players were abusing location edits back then (before it was restricted) to let Ingress-only portals in that area turned into Pokestops, resulting what you see today. All those Pokestops are valid by their own (except most of them are actually misplaced but I don't have enough time to check them all).

Please take a look at this, and adjust all the Wayspots in the entire area. Thank you!



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