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Hi, I am wondering about golf courses. I would like to know what would be acceptable. I understand that individual golf holes are not acceptable. What about the first hole of the golf course, so that it could be counted as the entire golf course. What about a putting green adjacent to the golf course. It seems that golf courses are large athletic fields, but they are not eligible in the same way that a soccer or baseball field is. I would like some clarification on this. I am having a hard time thinking of a way to get a stop that is a portal of a golf course approved. There is one footbridge on the golf course that I have in voting, which I know is eligible, but is there a part of the actual course that is eligible?

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    On a golf course I think any of the holes, but particularly the first and the last, would be a good place to mark the course. I think the clubhouse could be a PoI on its own.

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    A specific issue for ANY sporting field:

    • NEVER* place the pin directly in the field of play

    Best not to get the legal department involved again, with the inevitable collision between the sportsball player (or their equipment) and the AR player. Virtual wayspots have already been legally an "attractive nuisance", which was how the previous PRP lawsuits started.

    It's always preferred to use some kind of signage, when available, as a "standin" for the wayspot. For some places, I will place the pin at the bleachers/seating, when there is no sign.

    *some locations have no sign, no bleachers, nothing but the field. In those cases, something at the edge of the field tends to work best, such as the baseball's backstop, soccer/football goalposts, etc.


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