Nothing to Review

I'm a semi-active reviewer; I normally only start up Wayfarer when I'm sitting around bored. Recently I've been reviewing a bit more actively, subconsciously trying to gain Karma with Wayfarer so I can get verdicts on submissions I made almost 2 months ago.

About 5 days ago, I reviewed probably around 15 nominations and used all of my skips, as I was unsure on many of the nominations I got that day. After those ~15 noms, I had nothing left to review and got the "Good Exploring, Come back later" message to appear on my review screen. I thought that was weird, but shrugged it off at the time. I've checked everyday since, and I still can't review. My rating is in the "Good" region, and other people are still reviewing in my Discord.

Am I being punished for using too many skips? Does anybody know how long I'll have to wait to review again?


  • Lechu1730-PGOLechu1730-PGO Posts: 537 ✭✭✭✭

    It seems you ran out of nominations in your area. Try to set up a bonus location in an area with backlog to receive more nominations.

  • Ducknerp-PGODucknerp-PGO Posts: 2

    That seems unlikely to me, I've gotten nominations from all over my state, country, and the world and haven't run out after doing far more reviews than I did in the last week or so.

    Anyway, whatever it was, it's fixed now. My ability to review has returned. Curious to see if anyone else experiences this problem later.

  • JediMamaOso-PGOJediMamaOso-PGO Posts: 2

    I am in this pickle currently. I didnt know there was a set numbers of skips allowed. I was only skipping those assigned to me that were way out of my "home area" or "bonus area".

    How long did you have to wait?? It has been 2 days and I'm so bored. I dont get out much because I have a baby so this has been my way of staying connected and still contributing to my area. I am active on Discord for my town and there are so so so many nominations just waiting. I thought I was doing it correctly by skipping locations that shouldn't have been assigned to me anyway. Now I know better. Review 20 nominations then maybe I might get lucky and have one for my town. -_- now really fair.

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