What am I missing here?

I relatively new to nominations. So maybe I missed something. I CANNOT understand how this business was rejected under the criteria that it was a "private residence or farm" it makes NO Sense this nomination also took over a month to go through the system, is that normal? I created nominations after this one and they have gone through faster and this one Sat for OVER month. Someone please tell me I'm not going crazy here 🤷‍♂️


  • Aeryle88-PGOAeryle88-PGO Posts: 440 ✭✭✭

    submissions like this must be explain because this kind ok place must be special to be accepted.

    in other hand there are too many crazy people who refused submissions despite they follow niantic’s rules.

    there is no solution for that except try again.

  • VioletX2-PGOVioletX2-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I was afraid you would say that.... I just read another post that has the same problem. People are rejection for false reasons 🤦‍♂️ How do I add more information outside of the 2 picture and trainers notes?

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,365 ✭✭✭✭✭

    What's the acceptance criteria that do you think that this nomination fits?

    It's not a place to explore, to exercise, to socialize, ... has it won awards? Why is this special enough to stand out among other business?

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,313 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think there are too many reviewers who worry that repeatedly using the same rejection criteria such as "Other rejection critera" for things like this will affect their ability to review, lower their socores or give them a Cooldown. This is not the case.

    For this particular nomination, I would have to reject it as "Does not meet criteria", it is a "generic" flower shop. You have to tell reviewers why something like this qualifies.

  • Jonilink-PGOJonilink-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    That's my issue there are plenty of places that have no significance that pass. For nomination going forward I will point out which criteria they fall under in the trainers notes. My biggest issue is these nomination are taking many weeks only to be rejected or worst they for some reason waste an upgrade and are rejected. Its very annoying to watch nominations go through that are basically the same when is comes to "significance" and some be rejected. This system feels totally random and at best you just need to hope the the reviews aren't being picky the days the review your nomination.

  • Jonilink-PGOJonilink-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    so how does it hurt someone's score to review this spot positively? I have seen MANY nominations that don't even come close to this one in picture quality and the ability to find it on a map that pass EASILY. There must be a missing element here. is is just up to the reviewers and nothing more? I had this same thing happen with another stop that was a mural that rejection was because "no cultural significance" when RIGHT next to it there is a mural that passed??

    this picture is the other stop that was rejected.

  • Maxyme99-PGOMaxyme99-PGO Posts: 954 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did it was the only rejection you got?

    It's not completely comfirmed, but we suspect you got "no cultural significance" rejection when many people give your nomination one stair in "Historical or Cultural Meaning" - because there isn't rejection to choose for cultural significane. This might mean that they reviewed your nomination as good in every other parts but only give you 1* stair in historical section, they might not even known they rejected your nomination. I also got one my nomination rejected with "no cultural significance" in mail (it was playground), but I nominated it again and it was accepted. It's hard to tell how it really works if we don't get any explanation for these rejections that don't match list of rejections, so we might only guess.

    If this was your only rejection reason, then nominate it again, maybe you'll have more luck with reviewers next time. I know it's not good if you need to renominate things that should be accepted, but it happens. If your mural isn't on prvate property (it doesn't look like on private property for me,, but I don't know how it looks like where you live), then in my opinion it will be finally accepted, as it looks like very nice nomination.

  • Jonilink-PGOJonilink-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭


    thank you for being honest I feel like there are WAY too many "elitist" reviewing if electrical boxes pass all the time but this mural doesn't not. I will try and resubmit. Its demoralizing that Im realizing this will be a never ending up hill battle for the handful of stops that I think I can create where I live mean while there are places that have hundreds of stops of all kinds of "nonsignificant" things.

  • Aeryle88-PGOAeryle88-PGO Posts: 440 ✭✭✭

    That’s the problem of the actuel system where some people refused many thing despite it’s good nomination according to niantic criteria

  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The mural i would nominate again 100% it is a great thing to nominate and generally are always eligible. Just a bad batch of reviewers.

    The flower shop on the otherhand without it winning awards of somekind or being extremely unique it would fall under other rejection criteria. As business’s need to have something super unique for them to pass. From the description that I see its a generic flower shop. I’m assuming (correct me if im wrong) tjat the supporting info didnt explain much to how it is unique either.

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