Try to Change the Flow on Review Activities

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Often I think that who see the review stop at the photo and don't read any other information of the page. If the rating of main photo was separated from full score, this could improve the overall way of voting.

In this way, there would be fewer "fast evaluators", fewer "random votes" and who send new candidates will have more satisfaction and their commitment will be praised.


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    First: It's wrong place to post it ;) This part of the forum of for getting feedback on nominations that were rejected, I think it would be better if you posted it on General Discussion part.

    Second: I'm not sure what do you mean. Do you want main photo to be rated not as a part of nomination but as only a photo and it raiting not being included with other rating parts? If yes, it wouldn't have much sense. Main photo is a big part of nomination, it's one of 3 things from your nomination that will appear in every game when it will become accepted. It must be important part of review process and can't be separated.

    I know there is many cases where you will recieve wrong rejections for your nominations, but there still are many things that should be rejected just looking at first photo - if someone will get to review nomination where main picture is someone's dog, why can't he reject it right away? Nothing written after this photo won't make a dog eligible. And when I review I always see main photo and title with descrpition first on the same page, so others rather also see it together. Even if place for main photo and title/description would swapped places, I don't think anything would be changed, people who don't read still wouldn't do it and only would scroll down to photo.

    If you have something else in mind, please explian it a bit better :)

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I will create the post in general discussion part, too.

    I'm sorry for mistake.

    What I meant was that the vote of the main photo should have a separate vote and that there should be an overall vote at the end of the vote (before of "send" button). I often think that many evaluators stop at the first step of the evaluation and that they reject easily the review.

    In this way, the evaluators must read all information before to reject it (or I hope it).

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    Oh, I understand now.

    If I look at it that way, then photo really doesn't have they own place to rate, as the first rating is for full nomination, not only photo. But as I wrote before, I don't think it would change much, people that don't read won't do it even after changes. They will just scroll down to the end to choose rejection, the only difference will be placement of main rejection rating, from first place to last. But maybe it would help a bit. I saw you done the new thread, but I only relpy here, to not make duplicate posts ;)

    And if I remember correctly, someone from Niantic mentioned they're working on some changes for nominating and reviewing process, so maybe something will change soon :)

    Here is quote of they info:

    "NianticCasey-ING Posts: 418 Niantic › admin 1:44AM

    Hey folks,

    A few notes here: the use of game-specific terms is actually going to be blocked as part of the nomination process. It is included in upcoming launches for both Pokémon GO and Ingress.

    When it comes to the review process, the Wayfarer team is re-examining the reviewer process, including reconsidering the motivations for reviewers and how to improve the reviewing experience overall. Part of this includes simplifying and updating the questions that reviewers answer as part of the review. Part of this also includes re-examining the value of upgrades and how to detect quality issues ahead of nomination review. This is a really big process with a lot of components, but it is on the roadmap and something that the team is aware of."

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    Buen día..que debo hacer para enviar una propuesta que fue rechazada por que tome la foto con marca de agua que viene determinado el teléfono del que tome la foto..? Ya le quite esa función y ahora quiero volver a mandar la foto correctamente.. Puedo volver a enviar nuevamente?? Gracias

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    For Photos with Watermark, you must disable the option of photocamera app of your smartphone and try again to send the nomination.

    Before to send the nominations, check that there is not the "name" of camera or smartphone written on the photo (often in bottom to left)

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    @WalkmanOO7-PGO Una vez nominado el wayspot no puedes cambiar la foto. Deberás hacer una nominación nueva.

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