Stop asking for "pokestops" in supporting information!



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    It's also annoying for me when I review and see in support comment "we need more pokestops" or "This should be a pokestop because...", but I must say it's not only the players fault. I'm playing PoGO in English and at the end of nominating when you get to the supproting text you can read something like that: "Please, explain here why do you think this should be a Pokestop" - and many people start they answer with "This should be a pokestop becaue...". It's very automatic answer for a question like that. Many people that nominate never visited wayfarer so they don't know they nominate things also for other games, it's not mentioned when we nominate.

    I think changing text in PoGO nomination part from "pokestop" to "nomination/wayspot" would really help with new players nominating things. It's pretty simple to do (I think word "pokestop" appear twice in nomination text in game) so it shouldn't be so much work for programmers. Very easy thing to change that should get some positive changes.

    Another part that would help would be mentioning that nominations aren't only for PoGO and will appear in other games (or just mention to not use Pokemon Go related words to name and describe nomination). It shoud be added in nomination part. People only get information they nominate for more than one game in confirmation email, after they nominate, it's too late for that.

    As for players who nominate longer and don't read descriptions, we could get rejection option in Text category - "Use game-refered words" - and people would get mail with information that they nomination was rejected because it used words related to Ingress,PoGo,HP or other Niantic games like "Pokestop", "Ingress", "Hogwart" etc. Since we got "Watermark" as a rejection in Photo category, I see much less nominations with watermarks, people finally know why they nomination was refused, simple answers in mails explaining it's because of game-reference in text would really help too.

    They're not so hard things to do, and I think they really could help.

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    @NianticCasey-ING ,@Maxyme99-PGO brings up an excellent point that may help with PGO nominations. Will you please consider the wording change that is suggested for the supporting information field to remove the PGO specific wording?


    Just block people from being able to submit a nomination that includes the words, pokestops, pokeball, gyms, stops, raids, level, players, cheaters, spoofers, spin, gifts, and any purchasable or obtainable in game item names. Like from anywhere in the submission including and especially supportive info area. Like when they try make a red big message pop oops sorry your submission must not include specific game related words or requests, please try to describe why this nomination would be interesting for people who may not play mobile games. maybe throw in the words can't, we, I also...That should keep it positive and less selfish. Lets hear about what people such as tourists can or will be able to do or enjoy at this wayspot if its eligible!

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    I actually posed this question during the September AMA.

    Can PokéStop and Portal Nomination be shifted to ‘Wayspot nomination’ when interacting with Wayfarer in Ingress and Pokémon GO?

    This is a delightful suggestion, this shift would better cement expectations for what a Wayfinder does--suggest interesting and unique points of interest in their local area for inclusion in the Niantic Wayfarer program--rather than reinforcing additions to an individual game. Definitely something we’ll look into.

    It should be such an easy modification but seems unlikely it will be done.

    (I also requested neutral wording to be used for emails, too, but that got paraphrased out)

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    I can't fully explain why, but I'm equally irritated by a supporting statement that only says "thanks for reviewing". It's like when students make a powerpoint and end it with "thank you for watching". Waste of time. 😂

    I wouldn't lower the rating at all, but on the other hand they've given up the chance to tell me why this thing should be a waypoint.

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    Don't forget the ever popular "Safe pedestrian access", along with a supporting info photo of some pavement, which is a direct result of the wording used by Niantic in PoGo stop criteria.

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    Tbh i don’t believe the use of terms will ever stop. Everytime a new thing of criteria comes out people use the new criteria words. So expect people just to slap on “great for exploration, exercise, great place to be social” and so on lol

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