Invalid Wayspot Appeal

Title of the Wayspot: Piaskownica na Osiedlu Europejskim

Location: 50.015686,19.890636

City: Kraków

Country: Poland

As per rejection criteria:

"Abusive location

Locations that are intentionally and strategically placed to provide advantage to a single player or collective group. Or location edits that attempt to move the Wayspot away from the object with which it's associated (for example, moving the Wayspot to a different city/country or moving it to a more convenient location)."

Ever since this wayspot became a portal in Ingress, it's been abusively used to permanently keep half of the city under a field giving advantage to one of the factions. The portal is located behind a gate and every time opposite faction agents try to get in, they need to be tailgating another person or vehicle. It's a home portal of 2 agents who are monitoring intel 24/7. Obviously the same faction agents are welcome to add their resonators in.

Each time a single XMP is fired against this portal, they are calling security, police and also threatening and harassing agents (in person or via comm). As a result, both RES and ENL can't play in this area, except of this small group of people (shrinking each day as apparently the other agents from their faction also don't like their style of playing).

Please retire this wayspot.



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