Portal removed for no reason

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I come to request the restore of a portal that was deleted some time ago after the passage of a player of the opposing faction

title of the wayspot : [City Stade - Ramassiers]

Location : [43.595965,1.348155]

City : [Colomiers]

Country : [France]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: its a removal portal not a rejection.

Photos to support your claim

The City-Stade is was real, always present in the same place, and accessible to the public since it belongs to the town hall (and not to the school located next door), I even go there to play football with citizens of the neighborhood. Gathering place of young and less young friendly and sporty.

I can give you two versions of the facts, the one that would be called "clean" and the "true".

the clean reason: a simple player reported the portal thinking that it belonged to the school located next door.

The real reason: a player named Raziel2 has fun pointing out all the players' portals that he does not like, at each of his passages in the players' cities, two days later portals disappear for no real reason. It gets annoying, but there’s nothing you can do about it....



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