Reinstatement Request: Esprit Pergola West Entrance (Saint Cloud)

Title of the Wayspot: Esprit Pergola West Entrance

Location: 28.173596,-81.298402

City: Saint Cloud

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

Several weeks ago I reported a massive number of abusive portals in the city of St. Cloud, Florida. It turns out that one of the portals I reported and that was subsequently removed does in fact exist at the location it was removed from.

The pictures above show both entrances to this neighborhood. The first picture shows the eastern entrance (where two different pergolas are located). One of these pergolas is a portal and still exists in game. The second picture shows the western entrance, where a third pergola is located. This pergola is the one that was reported and removed. This error occurred because this pergola is newer, and does not show on satellite view or street view.

Please restore the effected portal.



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