Series of Invalid Portals in La Hoya, Almeria

Title of the wayspot: below

Location: intel links below

City: La Hoya, Almeria

Country: Spain

Additional information: The following POIs have been approved thanks to fake 360 photospheres. Some 360 photospheres have been removed.

Figura de hierro madre e hijo -,-2.009199

The picture of the statues does not fit with the area

Punto geodésico “Los Mundos -,-2.009056

The picture of the statues does not fit with the area

Extract from Spanish survey marker map


360 SV close to the area :

Punto geodesico -,-2.002442

The survey marker is located here

Real location 37.4772759,-2.0143695

Punto geodésico “Los Mundos -,-2.008033

See previous wayspot.

Ermita Nuestra señora de la santa Fé -,-2.007897

360 SV of the real location :

Ermita de La Molineta -,-2.006697

he picture of the statues does not fit with the area. No chapel in the area.

Ermita de San Juan -,-2.000984

Iglesia de La Perulera -,-2.006109

Iglesia El Puertecico -,-2.003304

Campo de Fútbol sala -,-2.001981

Parque de juegos -,-2.00108

Parque de juegos infantiles -,-2.000933

Parque de El Llanico -,-2.005202

Gimnasio biosaludable -,-2.005525

Gimnasio biosaludable de Santa Maria de Nieva -,-2.007047

Circuito Speed-Cross -,-2.005838

Gimnasio biosaludable -,-2.005386

Gimnasio biosaludable de Santopétar -,-2.007848

Pérgola de madera -,-2.005168

Monolito de piedra -,-2.00543

Real location of the monument : Parque Santa Maria de Nieva -,-1.989582

Monolito de mármol -,-2.006615

Casa de los cerditos de hierro -,-2.005315

Parque recreativo -,-2.004725

Barbacoa con techo -,-2.004391

Cazador de hierro -,-2.00086

360 SV close of the area

Definetly not here.

Homenaje a todos los cazadores -,-2.005822

Telaraña y hormiga de hierro -,-2.006253

Hormiga y telaraña de hierro -,-2.005162

Bichos de hierro -,-2.007022

Prensa histórica Siglo XVIII -,-2.004711

Prensa Histórica Siglo XVIII -,-2.008204

Real location : Maquinaria Siglo XVIII -,-1.989015

(Well the wayspot is located a few meters from the correct location : 37.462836,1.989087

Please remove the fake portals and take actions against the actors behind this nominations and approvals.

Also review other nominations and reviews of these actors. We are in front of a clear case of abuse in fake nominations and false approvals.



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