Wayfarer Rating won’t change

How often does it change? I had a great rating for a long time (and green before that). I have always been a good reviewer.

In one week, nearly every submission I saw was ineligible (and rightly so, but I rated far more than normal with one star - but these were for things like someone’s sock on their own floor, little free libraries obviously in the yards of private homes, mismatched locations looking for a pokestop at home, etc.) after that week, my rating dropped to FAIR and now my many agreements that I continue to get don’t count towards my wayfarer badge. (I’ve gone from 15% towards an upgrade to 97% in a short time frame and my rating has not changed.) I’m essentially doing work for free for Niantic, with nothing to show for it.

How long to I have to wait for it to update? There is no way I am doing a bad job. My rating dropped immediately after the eligibility criteria was changed and I assumed that had something to do with the drop. But now woth every review, I check the criteria carefully and have been extra careful lately because of this. I don’t understand and I’d appreciate some clarification from a Niantic moderator.


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