What do you do?

I have nominated a church with public access twice. Meets all the criteria. It was rejected once. No good reason why. Then says duplicate this time. What the heck? Then there is a water tower on private property with a NO TRESPASSING sign in town that is a gym no one can get to. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So what do you do. Keep submitting or give up?


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    You can start by posting details about your nominations. But by the sounds of it someone already beat you to nominating the church and had their nomination approved while yours was marked as a duplicate. You can minimize this by creating an Ingress account which will give you access to the Intel Map. Ingress is the only game so far that uses the complete set of approved Wayspots. All other games uses a subset of these Wayspots with Pokemon Go using the fewest.

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    You can also post coords/an adress here, so other users can check the Intel for you.

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    Literally no one around here plays Ingress anymore that is why it took FOREVER to get Pokestops. I looked before I could nominate. Me and my kids would take trips 1-2 hours away to play until about 8 months ago. So both nominations were mine. Not a lot of details to give other than it’s an old church and someone denied it. Ingress was boring to me and wasn’t worth my time. I’m a busy healthcare professional and this is a game my kids and I can play together. I don’t have extra free time to invest in another game for now. We have been building our community’s access. Thanks for the advice though. Was curious if it was worth messing with.

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    The advice wasn't to play Ingress. Simply creating an account is all that is required for access to the Intel map, which shows you all Niantic Wayspots (besides any Sponsored locations). Right now, that's the best way to avoid potential duplicates like your mishap with the church.

    We appreciate you're busy. Like @LukeAllStars-PGO said, you could share your general area and we'd be happy to check for other potential duplicates and maybe make other suggestions you may have missed.

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    You dont have to play ingress. You just have to make an account. Takes 10minutes

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    Also reviews are done on a consensus basis, its not just one person said no and the submission is rejected, its that the majority if reviewers said no thats why it was rejected.

    For a church to be rejected there is usually something else wrong with the nomination and I would say, as the previous posts have, that it would be best to provide the full details of the submission you made

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    @4444pokemom-PGO Im not here to be mean or anything or make you feel insecure about anything. I want to help & im sure others do too. Can you please share the email without sharing personal information where it was rejected & for what reason? I see you said duplicate but if it was truly rejected the first time then we will all work together to help you get this location accepted if it actually isn’t in game or possibly moved to the correct location. If it truly shares a cell with another POI though & it is in Ingress we cannot move it. If it shares the same S2 Cell with a pokestop nearby then it will also not appear in game. If you don’t know about S2 cells go online & search S2 cells in Pokémon Go. You will figure it out on your own what happened & hopefully it will help you in the future as well

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    Please show us your full nomination screenshot (with both photos, all text and rejection mail) so we could help you improve it :)

    And as other mentioned, if you let us know this church location, Ingress players might check if your nomination don't exist as POI in Ingress and won't appear in PoGo due to it being in the same cell as other pokestop :)

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    OK. Trying to find the original rejections and the current. Not sure how to find the coordinates. But the only other pokestop anywhere near is a sign I tried to update. Let me find those and I'll screen shot and post. Not sure how to get back them. I have an Ingress account I'll just have to log back in to see the map then? I was under the impression I had to level all the way up to do anything.

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