Location Edit > 10m

Title of the Wayspot: [Entrata Minera]

Location: [39.204486,8.46363]

City: [Cortoghiana]

Country: [Italy]

Additional information: [ I've seen this wayspot years ago through the intel, but couldn't locate his real location, i managed to do it yesterday, it is really located at 39.2158858,8.4409339 can be easily spotted in google maps, and can be recognize looking at the background elements of the photo

It's a stone at the entrance of a local mine, cities in this area where built in the '30s for the workers of the different mines that are in the area, rapresenting spot of high importance, lot of those are currently museums of industrial archeology, but this one is the last one still operating (but not currently active in mining coal). Anyway the name of the wayspot is pretty generic calling it just "mine entrance", i'm going to edit the name, when i'll be passing by.]


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