How to improve rating?

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Hi @NianticCasey-ING - My rating is “fair” and I tried to do the reviews carefully but my rating is not going up. Could you help checking it?


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    How long ago did you start reviewing? If youve reviewed a lot of stuff when you just start out, it may take time for the noms to finish evaluating before it’s reflected on your wayfarer rating.

    if it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed them, then you might wanna try some strategies to help you review better. Taking time to make sure location is accurate or not, or that supporting statements verify what the nomination is can help.

    Also making sure you’re not falling into easy criteria misconceptions. Things like playgrounds are acceptable, and Wayspots are allowed in locations like office building or apartment complexes. But make sure you’re not approving stuff like LFL on single resident houses or school grounds.

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    It depends on why your rating is low. If you gave the "wrong answer" to one of the Niantic "honeypot" test reviews your rating may be low for some time, it seems you have to "earn your way out" of this by doing a lot of "correct" reviews before your score improves.

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    @GearGlider-ING @SoggyEggos-PGO thanks, I keep reviewing for a long time since last year. Now I try to do review and submit only 1 a day to understand.

    @NianticCasey-ING could you support to check what I have done wrong and how I could correct/improve my rating?

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    I think a lot of us would want to know what we did wrong, even when we have an overall great rating!

    My rating has been solid great except for a couple of weeks a few months ago when it rapidly dropped through the tiers, fell to poor, then I did the test again and went right back up to great after a few days. It seemed that at this time I was getting a lot of 4 hour cool downs, but I was also getting a normal level of agreements, so I do wonder if getting a cool down affects your rating as well as the quality of the reviews and the agreements you receive? I would very much like to know what went wrong that time and why cool downs are triggered (I know there are theories, but I'd like an official answer that I can use to improve my stats). I'd also love to know where I disagreed with the end result on a waypoint and why. I think it would help me improve further.

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    My rating immediatly go to poor after the first review i did despite it grants me an agreement...

    And despite the fact i get agreement on the large majority of review, i'm lock to poor, so i'm also curious on how the system works...

    It seems totally bugged.

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    @FrealafGB-PGO @Aeryle88-PGO yes agreed, we went to understand more for the purpose to improve ourself on this. Any other channels could help us? I tagged @NianticCasey-ING but could not get response.

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    Niantic don't often post here, unfortunately. They'll be aware of the tags but they usually respond mostly to notifications of fake waypoints and that sort of thing

    Other forum members can help with advice, especially if you share examples of cases where you weren't sure how to vote, or if you have a rejected nomination that confused you. Also have a read of the forum in general - there's a lot of information here.

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    I think only doing one review a day now might not be helping the situation. You want to increase your average rating and the more high quality reviews, the faster that will happen. Don’t start going really fast though, take your time on each review and follow the criteria, over time your rating should get better.

    If you have any questions on reviews, I think you can post them here. There is a good chance you might not get a response within the 20 minute window but when you do, it should help you with future reviews.

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    @FrealafGB-PGO @Stephyypooke-ING thanks ... will just continue to reviews... hoping some responses from official support on this.

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    The fact that Niantic doesn't give any feedback on the reviews. It's ridiculous. Some wayspots in Kuwait are military bases. There are 3 gyms and many pokestops there. Because the guys in the military (a lot of them) play and voted for those stops to be accepted. So when I 1 star them I get flagged. Its annoying. I went from great to fair within a week. Most of the reviewers I know. Once they get to fair and poor they can't get out no matter how hard they try. So they just quit reviewing. I got 15 upgrades and upgraded all 15 nominations. But I won't be reviewing any time soon. Niantic suck and they need to sort that out.

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