Lake Superior Hengelo

somehow this one got rejected because "it is on private property"... It's literally just a lake. There is nothing there to even suggest it is private property, so I want to know how this got flagged as private property. I don't want to waste my upgrade like this, so I might as well ask about it.


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    First: You can't appeal rejected nominations. You can post them in "Nomination Improvement" part of forum (with full screenshot of your nomination: all photos descriptions, location and screenshot of rejection mail) and we can help you improve it so it won't be rejected or tell you if it don't met acceptance criteria.

    Second: Not all rejection criteria are choosen correctly - some may be choosen by mistake (someone misclik on rejection list and chose not the one rejection they wanted, even if one person choose something on rejection list, it will appear in your mail), but if it was rejected it mostly doesn't met acceptance criteria or your nomination didn't help reviewers think it should be accepted. Did you get only one rejection in mail? If you get more than one, some of them might be incorrect but don't focus on one rejection you think is wrong, focus on thinking why your nomination was rejected in the first place. You need much more people than one person to reject nomination, so many reviewers thought your nomination don't meet acceptance criteria.

    Third: Lakes aren't eligible nominations, it should be rejected as "Natural Feature" or just "Don't met acceptance criteria", but some people might choosen wrong rejection too. But it's still ineligible nomination. I would look for better thing to nominate in your location, like some restaurants, sports fields, playgrounds, churches or monuments - if any of this isn't on school ground or PRP, you shouldn't have much trouble with them getting accepted. Restaurants might be more tricky, but with good support text they will be accepted too.

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    first: Thanks for your feedback, I will post such things there in the future.

    on your second and third point:

    The mail said it was rejected for being on private property, meaning that the majority said it was on private property, which it clearly isn't and I'm not sure where they got that from. Besides, it was just one mail that stated it and there weren't any other mails. Here is lake superior btw: you can even use street view there.

    Lakes are eligible as they are water features, in this case artificial water bodies, like ponds (LOL, in the Netherlands everything water related is artificial as they would be part of the sea if they didn't have water regulation).

    Water features: scroll down for a list what falls under water features.

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    I agree with you, in addition, in the rejection emails (from Ingress) of the application they say something such that "if you think that your request should be accepted, we recommend that you send it again improving the title, description and photos."

    Although this request has a sing, it does not seem that this sing is informative, rather the opposite, a mass-produced sing, a street sign.

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    The water features that Niantic is specifically looking for are small man-made features, such as artificial waterfalls, reflecting pools, etc. that would not pose a drowning risk. That would leave how pods, lakes (even artificially created ones), and rivers/streams and any other natural feature.

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    I wasn't appealing the stop, I was asking why it got rejected specifically as "private property". I already going to make another submission, but I asked this because I don't want to waste another upgrade. I even stated this in my first post. also, the sign is not what I'm appealing, it is the lake itself. The sign is just also there, since I heard that there is this weird discussion about places without signs. For example, a park without is name sign for the park gets rejected, even though the park is literally there. So to make it easier, I have both the sign and the lake in my submission. Of course, I also had a description and a title. Description being that is a lake named after a place of a war historic event (the entire neighborhood has this theme).

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    Okay thanks, this is the very helpful feedback I am looking for. This clarifies the water feature criteria. However, still not sure how it got rejected based on private property.

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    I'll ask again, did it was rejected ONLY because of "private property" reason? Did you get any more rejection reasons in mail? You can get more rejection reasons in one mail, that I had in mind when I asked before.

    That's why I mentioned for you to post your full nomination screenshots and screenshots of rejection mail, without it we can only guess to help you.

    As TheFarix-PGO mentioned, lakes aren't example of eligible water features that Niantic had in my mind, so it will be always rejected. It's only weird if you didn't get any "natural feature" rejections in mails (but we still don't know it because you didn't answer this question for now). Or maybe people didn't choose it thanks to a sign being posted in one of the picture, that might be the case, but they still rejected it. I sugest you to find something else there to nominate, as this one isn't the best thing to get accepted.

    I hope our answers helps you in any way and you will get some nomination accepted soon :)

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    All reviewers rejected this nomination: like they should, that was a correct thing to do.

    All reviewers picked a reason: because they have to give a reason, but that's indeed the wrong one

    In the end: it still is a valid reject and a completely wasted upgrade

  • Invalid Appeal - Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. We're not currently reviewing Pokéstop/Gym candidates. Please resubmit the nomination by improving its title/description if you feel that it was a valid nomination.

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    Ok, that's weird you got only this rejection criteria, but I explained why it might be the case in my earlier post so I can't said much more about it. But it still a rejection, even if wrong reason was chosen on rejection list.

    As others mentioned, it was rejected because it doesn't met criteria.

    It's weird that you got only one rejection reasons, and not really correct one, but maybe reviewers saw something we don't see only from your photos and because of that they used this rejection reasons, I don't know it. But it's still not eligible nomination. Try finding something else to nominate in this area :)

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    Like I've already said a few times, I'm not appealing it. I was just asking about it, since the reason didn't make much sense to me. Which is also the reason why I gave you all the information about the stop and the photos I uploaded. Albeit, in the wrong section. It's for future nominations and to not waste any upgrades, it's not like I'm not nominating others. But I got some useful feedback from some of you. What I truly want to avoid is having nominated something again and it being flagged for private property again, while not being on private property because someone thinks it is there or whatever. Which is another reason why I placed the pictures and data here.

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