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I am new to submitting nominations. I know neighborhood signs are ineligible unless artistic or historical. I'm wondering if the sign for my new development would be eligible. The community is still being developed so there is not much shown through satellite imagery. Pokemon don't even spawn in the area. A wide paved trail runs under the archway. The clocktower is not considered pedestrian accessible because it's located on the traffic island. I am leaving the picture of where the wayspot will actually be located as to avoid mismatched locations.

Location of nomination is at the monument in the land plan.

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    The sign itself is a meh candidate at best im afraid, youd do better with the support picture being the one of it all lit up to show how it looks.

    It may pass if reviewers are generous but i wouldnt get my hopes up.

    The clock tower, which you talk about however does sound much more interesting, a real unique structure to the area. Personally of the two I would have submitted the tower and left the sign as its marginal where as even the brief description of the tower piqued my interest.

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    The clock tower looks super cool! I would definitely nominate that first, as its much more likely to pass.

    I think the sign sounds OK especially if it can light up, sounds like a nice landmark, but would definitely focus on the tower to start with because I don't think you'll struggle to get the tower approved at all.

  • The clock tower looks great try nominating it rather than sign bord becouse it looks out of play zone

    Looks like a small water chanal is passing through it witch might be dangerous to players

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    The clocktower is not eligible because it is between the 2 roads so wouldn't be considered pedestrian accessible. A water channel doesn't pass through it. I kind of think the paved area under the archway signifies accessibility by foot.

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    It is still in queue so I changed the verbiage to include clocktower in the title and description but left the original picture because I was placing the wayspot under the arch where the walking/bike trail go through. I was trying to nominate the entrance as a whole.

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    I just had this submission and I ended up rejecting it. I think the biggest issue I had was that you mentioned the Clock Tower in both the Title and the Description but your main photo lacked the Clock Tower in it. So I was left with a semi-interesting community sign that I wouldn't normally approve. Since you kept referencing the Clock Tower in the Title & Description, I thought that was what you were attempting to submit but as you know, the Clock Tower has no pedestrian access and in the middle of 6 lanes of traffic. Also, your Location Pin was in the wrong area, I could see the actual tower in construction up the road in Satellite View. Unfortunately, since it was all dirt roads in the Satellite View, I didn't feel comfortable moving the Location Pin to where the sign would be since I didn't know where the sidewalk was. Personally, I would resubmit this using your Supporting Photo as your main photo. Double check your Location Pin. Reference in the description that the entire community sign includes the Clock Tower and the color changing sign. Also put emphasis that the Location Pin is located on the sidewalk/sign with pedestrian access. Looking at the map again, you may have put it in the correct location, but you're also going to have to explain what people are seeing in the Satellite View because it really does look like your Location Pin is in the middle of a road judging by the construction road.

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    It was accepted in a matter of hours after it went into voting. I kept the original photo because it looked better for how it would show up in game and being in proximity to the wayspot. I set the pin where I was standing and went back to take the photos. This development got a lot of press coverage and you can see the clocktower from miles away so probably got lucky with a pool of voters that are actually familiar with the area or bothered to look at the links.

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    I think it passed because this wasn't just a small neighborhood sign, this is a very large and significant gateway with a sidewalk running through an arch. Not something you see everywhere

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    Really? The map had marked the road going in and road going out around the clock tower. The outdated satellite imagery you referenced was the massive footprint of the wall. I didn't think orientation given the picture was necessary. There is no road intersection at the clock tower.

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