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Similar previous asked mma gym im looking g at submitting a cross fit gym, dont know when this one was opened, but it still fits the exercise criteria and seems to push the social aspect more too



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    Yes, like in your other thread, this should be accepted, as gyms like that promote sports and are eligible nominations :)

    But again, you must make good photos for this, I looked for this ones too, and this one is in a building that looks like some kind of garage or something like that - on streetview it's hard to see that it's a gym, the poster isn't that big and letter are small to read, if someone don't make effort to read them, the won't think it's a gym.

    Make nice photos and support text, and it will be aceppted sooner or later :) I know that not every reviewers accepts gyms (like restaurants), but they are eligible :) Good luck with this nomination :)

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    I disagree on the Crossfit eligiblity. Yes, it does promote exercise and well-being, but Crossfit is a corporation with thousands of franchise's. Other independently owned fitness spaces without corporate ties seem eligible however.

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    I think you're missunderstandig something here. It's not about a corporation Crossfit chains gyms, it's about normal gyms that specialize in crossfit exercises. You even have a link it first post to the exact gym that was going to be nominated, and it's not a Crossfit corpopration gym.

    I'm not even sure if in many countries anyone heard about Crossfit Corporation, word "crossfit" is just used to specify gym exercises, like karate or mma :) We even have some open air gyms specialised for crossfit exercises in my country, and they're free places made by city government, and they have nothing to do with the Crossfit company itself. Crossfit is just a word of type of exercise here :)

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    That actually doesn't fit the exercise criteria.

    The criteria for exercise is for outdoor activities. Outdoor public gyms, outdoor hiking trails, outdoor sports etc etc

    A gym on its own is just another business and has to have something else that makes it a worthwile candidate.

    Just being an indoor gym is not sufficent.

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    Indoor sports centers are allowed though. And they are allowed because they promote exercise. Can you link to where it says promotes exercise is only for outdoors?

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    Its the eligibility criteria

    A great place for exercise

    A place you’d go to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, or exercise. Places that encourage walking, exercising, and enjoying public spaces. Or something that teaches or encourages us to be our healthiest selves.

    Example of Wayspot categories

    • Parks and plazas
    • Gardens
    • Forests 
    • Hiking trails 
    • Biking trails
    • Exercise equipment in public spaces
    • Sport arenas
    • Sport fields

    It clearly says fresh air and enjoying public spaces, all of the examples are outdoor activities.

    A generic gym is just a standard business, it offers nothing in the way of uniqueness, its just there.

    You may as well nominate the pavement as exercise equipment as it would encourage it in the same way, its just there for people to walk or run on should they want to.

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    It also says sports arenas, quite often sports arenas arw inside places. I think this is more how its interpreted, id read that as a physical place that encourages exercise, inside and out, but you interpret it as only outside. But ill use my example again as a reason for my interpretation, sports centers are accpetbale yet most sports centers are mostly indoors with maybe 1 or 2 things outdoors like a football/soccer pitch or tennis courts .... which some people argue those outdoor things are submitable on their own

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    I see you carefully avoided the bit which said, and public spaces. How does a business, which a gym is, qualify as a public space ?

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    Or exercise. Literally the first sentence it does not specify it having to be inside or outside. That is your interpretation

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    Agreed. I honestly never thought someone would argue that gyms don’t meet the exercise criteria 🤦🏻 Just goes to show how badly the criteria gets interpreted some times

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    @Theisman-ING !!!!!! Or something that teaches or encourages us to be our healthiest selves. !!!!!!!!!

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    Just to clarify, I do t think chain gyms should be submitted/ accepted unless under the "only one in a small town" and even then, could still be questionable. But as this isnt a chain gym, its an independent crossfit (and the only one in the area as far as I'm aware) it could meet the great place to exercise criteria ..... I havent been to it yet though so not got a clue if it looks appealing enough or not

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    Crossfit is a brand (owned by a corporation) but Crossfit gyms are almost all locally owned and operated and they pay a license to use the CrossFit brand name. A large aspect for members of these intimate gyms is on creating a local community. If you have ever trained in one you know that this is a huge aspect of their draw. They are not just a great place to exercise but a great place to socialize with fellow gym members. Inherently YES they should 100% be acceptable wayspots.

    I am seeing a lot of people in this thread and others misinterpret the guidelines. If something does fit every single descriptive word that is included in the write up they assume its not eligible. See example here.

    To the previous point this entire post is misleading. You can tell from the language but people are simply reading it incorrectly. Now if it said, "A place you’d go to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, AND exercise." all of those things would need to be a requirement. It clearly states, OR, meaning that any of the previous qualifiers gives it eligibility. So if a location is a great place to exercise, like a CrossFit gym, that makes it eligible. However if it where say a "Gold's Gym" or a Planet Fitness, which are generic corporations then thats a no. Its not that much of a fine line but more a dramatic distinction. Reviewers need to be better educated.

    I think Niantic needs to release a more comprehensive list of eligible stops or we will continue to have this debate and continue with poor review standards that are further from what Wayfarers provided.

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    Yes, that's exactly what a franchise is. Independant owners lease the trademarked/copyrighted material, in this case 'Crossfit.' This creates "Chains" of corporate entites. Crossfit is a corporate chain of gyms. Crossfit isn't an exercise, it's a buzz word.

    Crossfit is to Calisthenics as the Big Mac is to Burgers

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    I think it depends of where do you live, but in many countries word "crossfit" or "cross fit" is used to name specific type of exercise and it's not connected with any company/chain.

    Yes, it might started as something popular from this Crossfit company/chain you talk about, but in other countries it's just a name of exercise, and sometimes is used to define type of gym you can visit.

    I know about many gyms that use crossfit to describe they exercise, but they don't belong to this gym chain, because it don't exist in my country. I didn't even hear about this company until you mentioned it.

    And I think in this thread was also example of that - we have link to gym page in first post, it doesn't say anywhere on this site that it's a part of any gym chain, it looks like a local gym that also offer crossfit exercises.

    And I can tell you many people in different countries use words of company names or they product names as definition of item, no matter who made them. A good example is Xerox company, many countries use word "Xero" or "xeroxing" to describe any copier or any use of copier, doesn't matter what company made this copier, it's always "Xero" :D

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    Sorry @VomitComet-ING, respectfully disagree with your take here. CrossFit gyms are not franchises. They don't get support from Reebok, they don't have to abide by any branding standards, or provide specific CrossFit language in member contracts. They don't have to get approval from Reebok when they advertise. They are not agents of Reebok or CrossFit. They pay a fee to use the CrossFit name in their gym and to allow members to compete in the open.

    Your analogy is off. It would be more accurate to say CrossFit is to exercise as Atkins is to dieting. Its a branded name, not a corporation. If I run a nutrition center that specializes in the Atkins diet that doesn't make me a franchise of If I wanted to use their branding I would pay a license fee or royalty but I am not now part of their corporation.

    A CrossFit gym can become a regular gym that is not licensed by CrossFit but can still offer the same types of exercise programs but now can't use the name. If a McDonald's stops being a McDonald's is not still a regular burger joint, its now an empty building.

    FYI this happened.

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    They aren’t chains 🤦🏻 If they all had the exact same name like planet fitness, goodlife, fit4less, 24hour fitness yes those are chains. But generally speaking ive never come across 2 crossfit gyms with the same name

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    Wrong, a chain is a branded thing, so mcdonalds, KFC, pizza hut, thats the chain and franchise. Even in terms of gyms, in the UK theres pure gym and the gym, those are chains/franchises. But independent gyms that do crissfit are not chains, they are their own thing

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    Gyms fall in line with a local restaurant. They're more than likely fine to approve as they both meet one part of the criteria but not multiple parts. Look how often local restaurants are denied and you'll notice that the mob leans to the dislike side of these type of nominations. The descriptions we can rely on are "A place you'd go to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, or exercise" and "popular restaurants" and "unusual or unique local shops". Also its not common knowledge that "Crossfit" is just an affiliate not a franchise.

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    edited March 2021

    You're stretching the social part, but ok, I think its kinda hard to socialize in between rounds of tire pulls or cleans :). Though you do see the rare pair of women chatting up a storm while walking on the treadmill.

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    A workout partner isnt a stretch at all. Go with a friend spot each other on sets and push each other, talk during sets or rest periods. Seems pretty social to me. Obviously during big lifts you don’t talk during but there is definitely a social aspect to the gym

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    Can't speak personally, but a guy in my work says his crossfit gym he goes to is a lot more social aspect than a standard gym, the patrons are more welcoming and everyone is encouraged to chat and help each other out

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    this is why we shouldn't discuss specific examples for their elegibility.

    this debate about crossfit chain/corporate gym vs crossfit-type of exercise is dumb lol

    i only accept non-chain gyms, bonus point for detailing in the description their unique exercise offer.

    chain-gyms 1*

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    We're discusing all gyms eligibility, because it's important. This forum and this thread is for discussions like that, so everyone could find answer in place related to wayfarer, and not some random site that has a bunch of people who also use wayfarer and they can made up they own rules and teach them to others that ask for help. If you don't like this duscussion, then just don't take part in it, but if you will ever want to check how gyms are eligible, you will known there is thread about it :)

    As for non-chain and chain gyms: Gym from this thread isn't a chain-gym. It's a local gym that also have crossfit exercise.

    But even gyms from chains might be eligible, it all depends on many things. For example, if you have really small town, it has almost none POIs because it's so small, and you will get to review a gym from it, but it's chain-gym, why should it be rejected? It's the only gym in this town, it is eligible nomination (met criteria) - I would accept it. But if I got nomination from a chain-gym from a big city that has many POIs, and I see 3 other POIs of gyms near this nomination (and one of them is a gym from this chain) they I think I would reject this one too.

    It all depends of POIs density and location. We had an example in one thread on this forum that even Starbucks can be eligible nomination, if it's special hotspot in little town it is in and it's the only one cafe in this place. Everything depends on many things ;)

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    Every reviewer should be reviewing with a forgiving eye. Obvious things like a lamp post, street sign, schools, should be automatic 1*, but I feel like a lot of reviewers either go 1* or 5*. There is no inbetween. Most of the folks in this chat that are arguing against CrossFit gyms are doing so with preconceived notions that are generally and often dramatically inaccurate.

    For every reviewer that thinks the examples on this thread are 1* you should go back to the help page and read this guidance from Niantic.

    Rating Scale

    You will be asked various questions about a nomination and answer by rating on a scale of one to five stars. In general, use the following guidelines when deciding how to vote:

    If you strongly agree, choose 5 stars

    If you are unsure or have no opinion, choose 3 stars

    If the answer is definitely no, choose 1 star and select a rejection reason

    You should be going into a review with an open mind. If you don't know Niantic is quite literally telling you 3* it. Don't assume you know cause likely you don't and you are getting it wrong, and by doing that you are ruining what should be a fairly easy system to navigate. Use the rejection criteria for what it is, they are fairly specific and narrow. Most nominations that I come across do not warrant a 1*. (do not read that as no submission, I give 1*s out but its fairly infrequent, maybe 1 in 10)

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    You're lucky, i get so many 1*. Grocery Stores, drive thru coffee stands, Traffic Signs, Dead end roads, doctors offices, industrial buildings, private property nominations, etc.

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    Not sure where you are but I am in the Northeast and get a lot of trail markers, sports fields, park signs, memorial benches and gazebos; but I do get submissions from all over, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California. I even get Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean every know and then.

    I also think you are likely over estimating the prevalence of the above list. I'd suggest, as an experiment, marking down how many of the above you get in an average session vs how many you get that are legit. I think you'd be surprised with the ratios; my guess is they aren't nearly as bad as you are remembering. Human nature is we remember the negatives as they tend to have a lasting impact.

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