Proposal for extra 1* refusal

So, in Belgium it appears we are getting flooded with trail marker nominations.

A good portion of them (mostly the typical hexagonal route marker signs with named routes) are proper quality and eligible (as long as you don't get 17 of the same route in 500 meters...).

However, we also get a lot of rectangular signs, with node numbers. They mention the name of a node network and/or the operator for the node network. In the past half hour, I've had to decline like 10 of them.

So, 'clever me' had what felt like a brilliant idea: copy/paste the explanation why I 1* them, to avoid typing the same thing over an over.

Or so I thought. Using the same comment a few times, appears to have triggered a cooldown because there's a pattern detected in my nominations. Slight facepalm moment.

Therefor I'd like to request an option to flag as 'not a named trail'. I'd estimate that over half of my 1* reviews fit in this category, and I can't imagine being the only one with them.


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