"In Voting" doesn't really mean it is in voting, correct?

I've submitted a few POIs that have been "in voting" for months/years. In particular, a few of them have been apparently submitted by other players and have already entered Ingress/PoGo. If my version of these submissions were truly "in voting", wouldn't they have been marked as duplicates by now? These POIs have been in games for months as well now.


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    It means in voting. It stays in voting until enough people have voted on it for it to arrive at consensus. (We don't know how many that is.) If there aren't enough reviewers in an area it can stay there for a long time.

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    I understand the mechanics of what we believe to be "in voting".

    And I am saying if I have had something "in voting" since Jan 2019, and in March 2020 the POI actually entered the games as submitted by someone else, if my POIs were ACTUALLY being shown to reviewers, they would have been marked as duplicated in the past year.

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    It is my understanding that there's a certain number of locations that will be "in voting" per a certain area. How the system chooses who gets reviewed first we don't know but there's not supposed to be multiple in the same location. Its very possible that the one that passed you got upgraded by its owner. If you reviewer community averages one new vote a week on each nomination and it needs 50 votes, its going to take a year.

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    Due to the way the system works, not necessarily.

    For example, and this is not a dig at you

    You submit a trail marker, but there are issues with it, somethings are spelt wrong and the location PIN is out by a few meters.

    It goes into review and people are both happy and unhappy with it so mark it high and low accordingly.

    Until it reaches a consensus one way or the other, your submission will remain in voting.

    Another player comes along makes the same sub, its spelt correctly, and flys through being accepted.

    Yours however is still bouncing around, but now may also be marked as a duplicate, so needs to reach a possible consensus on that as well.

    Thats without other peoples submissions in the same area being upgraded and show to reviewers before yours

    And also not considering any "problems" that may occur with Niantic and accidentally putting hold on some submissions.

    A UK case is Charlotte by the much missed Threebikes, who made the same submission a few times which bounced around reviewers for a year or so before finally being accepted and the others eventually marked as duplicates.

    Thats all before factoring in if your POI was a marginal candidate which would split reviewers and cause even more delay just due to its devises nature

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    We don't know how the algorithm works, so it can be numerous of reasons. It could very well be that your nomination hasn't reached a consensus, and it fell back at the end of the line, but it is still in voting. And waiting it's turn to be shared to another batch of reviewers.

  • AshFoxum-PGOAshFoxum-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭

    I totally understand how an upgraded submission of the same POI would sail past mine. But...

    "Yours however is still bouncing around, but now may also be marked as a duplicate, so needs to reach a possible consensus on that as well."

    I've had submissions marked as "duplicate" in the past, it seems to be a way lower bar to get marked as a duplicate in my anecdotal experience.

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    You'd have thought so, but having seen various different images of Charlotte with different hats on, depending on the time of year when it was submitted, and marking them as duplicates, and then speaking to others months later who were still reviewing it when one was accepted, im rather loath to say if the duplication option is a lower requirement

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    In French it's written "En attente" and "vote en attente" which both means "in queue" and I was initially very confused

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    In particular, a few of them have been apparently submitted by other players and have already entered Ingress/PoGo.

    Why haven't you withdrawn your nominations that you know to become duplicates?

  • AshFoxum-PGOAshFoxum-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Does it make more sense to withdraw my nomination now that it is in game to free up (theoretical) voting space, or keep it in for science sake to see how long it takes to get marked as duplicate?

  • Purptacular-PGOPurptacular-PGO Posts: 195 ✭✭✭✭

    It depends. If you are most interested in collecting scientific data, you should keep it in. Then use all your other nominations for the next several years to submit duplicates and track those as well. [Insert eyeroll]

    If you were actually interested in contributing eligible Wayspots, withdraw it.

  • Kellerrys-INGKellerrys-ING Posts: 694 ✭✭✭✭✭

    One of those options is selfish and only satisfies curiosity. Extra nominations clog the system, and not just theoretically.

  • AshFoxum-PGOAshFoxum-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭

    I've reviewed 1000s of submissions. I hardly qualify as selfish.

    Y'all are quite rude though.

    I see this "community" is still as toxic as it was when launched. Nevermind.

  • Kellerrys-INGKellerrys-ING Posts: 694 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You participating in reviewing, great. Not selfish.

    You purposefully leaving duplicates in the system, not great. Selfish.

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    I apologize @AshFoxum-PGO . I thought your question was tongue-in-cheek and replied the same. I did not realize that you didn't know how the review process works.

    Each reviewer is only willing to review so many submissions each day. Every review of a superfluous, unneeded duplicate submission takes away from the review of a possibly genuine, valid, approvable submission. I remove my duplicate submissions so that I do not contribute to the backlog. I suggest that you do the same.

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    NianticCasey said in the (deleted) "Wayfarer Mythbusting" post:

    "Myth: Every nomination accepted into voting will be distributed to reviewers.

    Fact: Behind the scenes, there are a number of additional considerations that are undertaken to prevent abuse and/or duplicates. A nomination that is currently in voting may impact when nominations that are in a similar location are reviewed or trigger additional review."

    He also said that there is no queue of nominations.

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    And i always kept aksing myself, why do we have 'in voting' and 'in queue' if there is no queue... Looking at submissions 'in queue' changing to 'in voting' after upgrading them makes it even more unlikely that the Mythbuster gave a correct answer.

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    My experience shows that “In Voting” means in voting. On a few occasions, I have looked through my nominations and a particular sub is “In Queue”, a friend will show me that they are reviewing my submission, so I go back in to check and it now says “In Voting”, only a few minutes after the first check.

    Your submissions that now have duplicates accepted - the other nominator must have upgraded their nomination for it to go “In Voting” while your same submission was “In Voting”, that is also probably why theirs got accepted faster. Now, your nomination probably has a decent amount of positive reviews so I think it will take a longer amount of time to gather enough duplicate reviews to finally tip it over into a duplicate decision.

    Those are my thoughts from experiences I have had.

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