The right to upgrade should be able to be reapplied anywhere, over and over again until Wayspot goes





    1 upgrade = 1 Wayspot

    I understand that it is not the best proposal, but please introduce it provisionally.

    try it.

    As a remedy until Niantic prepares a "Criteria Education System" in "each country's language" for inexperienced reviewers.

    Additional request

    Finding information on English bulletin boards is very difficult for people who use other languages.

    I would like you to summarize the story after the discussion in "Wayfarer Criteria Wikipedia" of "Language version of each country".

    I would like a specification that makes it easy to paste the URL in the supplementary explanation.


    1 upgrade = 1 Wayspot






    議論が終了した話は“それぞれの国の言語版”の“Wayfarer Criteria Wikipedia”にまとめて欲しいです。


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    I'd love a solution that built some of the criteria into waypoint submission, as well as review. Have SUBMITTERS go through a little quiz, and add criteria to the submission process. The category selection could be there. It could include sort of selection on location, and those that are, for example, at a school, on PRP, or on a military base could be filtered to a lower priority pile. Obviously some submitters will still fudge, but a lot of people are well intentioned and just submitting invalid stuff because they don't know better. Yes, you'd get fewer people submitting if it takes a few more steps, but if what you are filtering out are the lawn ornaments at someone's house, random unremarkable trees, housing subdivision name signs, etc., is that a loss?

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    @LordofCatchers0-PGO YES! I've been saying this for months. Submitters should choose the "What is it?" category first and then during the process they would get guidance specific to that category. Ask them questions like, "Is this on the property of a single-family home?" "Is this on the property of a school for students under 18?" And if they answer yes to those things explain that those things aren't eligible and then don't let them submit it.

    Then on the review side do the same. Start with guidance for the "What is it?" category that the submitter chose, but let the reviewer correct it if it's wrong. Show the reviewers the criteria that are specific to that category.

    The biggest problem this solves is that it's impossible to keep up-to-date with criteria, especially since Niantic has a long-standing habit of making "law" 30 comments deep in a forum post. Nobody can be expected to keep up with that.

    Doing this would stop a fair bit of garbage from getting into the queue. This would mean that less reviewer time is wasted on easy rejections, and reviewers wouldn't get as burned out from looking at all of the trash.


    Thank you very much for your polite response to my suggestion that I may have received the worst one disagree on the bulletin board.

    I learned a lot.

    I thought of this proposal on the premise that good nominations would be given, but it seems that everyone is suffering from bad nominations.

    I love Wayfarer.

    I would also like to discuss with you and make Wayfarer even better.

    When submitting a nomination, the applicant selects an item that he / she thinks fits from the pull-down Criteria list, and if the explanation of the selected Criteria is displayed at the time of examination, even those who do not read the help one by one can make a slightly correct examination. It may be.

    Next time, let's think about what the Wayfarer Criteria education system should be!

    A big thank you to all the respondents!







    次回はWayfarer Criteria 教育システムについてどんな物にしたら良いか考えてみます!


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    @KOWLOONsGT-ING Thank you for listening to and hearing other people's opinions!

    I agree with you about showing the criteria to submitters. My comment just above yours is in English only, but I said exactly the same thing. Let me translate it to Japanese for you.


    提出者に基準を示すことについてあなたに同意します。 あなたのすぐ上の私のコメントは英語のみですが、私はまったく同じことを言いました。 日本語に翻訳させていただきます。

    abcはい!私はこれを何ヶ月も言ってきました。提出者は「それは何ですか?」を選択する必要があります。最初にカテゴリを作成し、次にプロセス中にそのカテゴリに固有のガイダンスを取得します。 「これは一戸建ての家の所有物ですか?」などの質問をします。 「これは18歳未満の生徒のための学校の所有物ですか?」そして、彼らがそれらの事柄に「はい」と答えた場合、それらの事柄は資格がないことを説明し、それを提出させないでください。

    次に、レビュー側でも同じことを行います。 「それはなんですか?」のガイダンスから始めます。提出者が選択したカテゴリですが、間違っている場合はレビュー担当者に修正してもらいます。そのカテゴリに固有の基準をレビューアに示します。



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    I like the idea of "1 upgrade = 1 wayspot" idea (although I had only 52 (in my view completely unjustified) rejections for 171 upgrades), but exclude the possibility of apply an upgrade in a 40 meter radius where the same nominator has already applied an upgrade, to prevent upgrading the same nomination all over again.



    Thank you for adding the translation to Japanese, which is beautiful and incomparable to Google Translate.

    I think it's a fascinating idea!





    Thank you for agreeing!

    I didn't mean to write it here, but after receiving a lot of disagreements, I came up with a compromise.


    I compromised and modified it into a realistic proposal.

    1 upgrade = 3 quick reviews chance

    [Wayfarer users are immature, so we ask for an increase in review fees]


    I came up with the idea of the Wayfarer Criteria education system and move on to the next problem solving!

    Thank you!





    1 upgrade = 3 quick reviews chance



    私はWayfarer Criteria 教育システムのアイデアを閃いたので次の問題解決に進みます!


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    My guess is that they want three nominations upgraded for the price of one upgrade "slot". But it is clear that they fundamentally don't understand what upgrades are for.

  • saarstahl-INGsaarstahl-ING Posts: 183 ✭✭✭

    I think he meant you can get up to 3 accelerated reviews with one upgrade, until you get an acceptance or the third rejection - whichever comes first.

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