Wayspot Removal Appeal - Hebron Christian Brethren Church Arch

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Title of the Wayspot : Hebron Christian Brethren Church Arch

Location: 9.135413,76.743774

City: Adoor

Country: India

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: NA

Intel Link:https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=9.135413,76.743774&z=15&pll=9.135413,76.743774

Wayspot Original Photo :

Photos to support your claim:Current Photos

The above mentioned wayspot was removed around 18:00 hrs IST on 30.03.2021.

The supporting pictures uploaded above proves the existence of the wayspot.

The portal has been a repeated target of malicious location changes and name changes as well.

Additional information: the portals are unique, recreation related, and easily accessible by pedestrians.

These submissions are valuable and important to local community.

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