Why is my Wayfinder rating going down?

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I'm curious why my Wayfinder rating has been dropping out of the higher levels lately. I was Great for a long while, then sat in Good for about a week, and just checked today and found it at Fair. What decides this rating?

Is it dropping because my reviewing choices are not agreeing with others'? In that case I'd be really confused, as I follow the guidelines very well and many of my decisions, especially rejections, seem to be no-brainers.

Or is this rating simply how many reviews you are doing per day or week or something, in which case simply reviewing more nominations will bring it back up?

My only other guess would be that maybe my ratio of reviews to agreements is low, in which case should I slow down reviewing so that others have time to agree with my decisions and bring my rating back up before it sinks low enough?




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    Your rating is based on 2 things

    1) How you rate submissions against your fellow reviewers

    2) How you rate a submission that has been already reviewed by Niantic.

    For point 1, the more times you disagree with the end result of a submission with other reviewers the more your rating will continue to drop.

    For your rating to improve, you would need to be reaching more agreements than disagreements with the end review result.

    For Point 2 (and this is part fact part speculation) Niantic did previously confirm that they put "honeypot" submissions in to ensure that people are reviewing correctly.

    It has been speculated that should a reviewer rate one of these submissions against how Niantic would rate it then your rating will significantly drop i.e. from great to poor straight away.

    As I say this is speculation as Niantic have, understandably, not given in depth details on how the raiting system works, in order to prevent people gaming the system.

    To improve your rating, you would need to review more submissions and be in agreement with the review consensus with your fellow reviewers.

    Your rating is not based on the number of reviews you do per day per week etc. Only on the outcome agreement/ disagreement.

    Also you should not worry about the Approved / Rejected number of submissions reviewed to total reviews ratio. That all depends on the type of nominations you receive, the area you are in etc.

    Its quite possible to be in great and yet aprove less than half of the submissions you have reviewed.

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    I would also add theres, no need to wait on "other reviewers catching up"

    As its based on the end result of reviews you have done, if a submission is still being reviewed then it doesn't have any effect on your rating, only once it has reached an end consensus will it matter.

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    Reviewing a lot at once can also make it drop temporarily until those reviews are finished in the voting process as your % of agreements vs total reviews will go down

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    then why did mine go down, but once i stopped reviewing my % is going up as more aggreements come through.

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    Probably because you didn't get enough agreements for a while which caused it to drop, so once you gained enough agreements afterwards, it likely boosted your rating again.

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    Okay, thank you! I guess I'm confused that a lot of mine aren't ending up not agreeing in that case, then. Like I said, I've been sticking to the guidelines quite well, so I guess I'll just be more careful with how I rate stuff.

    So, does this rating have any consequences? As in like does it have a bearing on like how fast one's own nominations go through or anything like that? Or would being a 'Poor' wayfinder lead to temporary bans or anything?? Just trying to make sure I'm not going to incur any penalties for some reason. Thanks.

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    The number of agreements received while you're Good or Great appears in PoGo and Ingress.

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    Poor rating doesn't lead to a ban on Wayfarer, it also has absolutely no effect on your own submissions.

    However it does have two effects for yourself.

    1) Any review you do while in poor has no effect on the end consensus of the nomination, your review is recorded but will not be used to determine if the submission is to be accepted or not.

    What you are essentially doing while reviewing in a poor rating is just proving your ability to review correctly. Any agreements that you make are used soley to improve your own rating, and will not be used to determine the submission outcome.

    Should your reviewers, while in poor, match the consensus outcome then after x number of reviews your rating will improve, and your reviews will once again be used in the consensus outcome.

    Should your reviewers continue to differ, then you will remain in a poor rating until such time yours and your fellow reviewers decisions begin and then continue to match.

    I can't say how many reviews are needed as this is a Niantic internal secret. However the current guesses are about 200 reviews in agreement to move from poor to great.

    2) Any review in poor will not lead to an increase in your agreement count for badges in either PoGo or Ingress, they will only start tracking again once you are out of the poor rating

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    Ok, this example uses hypothetical numbers, its not meant to portray how many reviews you have done, your actual rating etc.

    Reviewer J starts reviewing on the 1st of February

    Over the next 5 days they do 100 reviewers, only 30 of which reach agreement and shows in their stats, that leaves 70 which are either still going through review or are ones which have reached agreement but are where J has been against the consensus agreement. (In real life its usually a mixture of both).

    Over the next 5 days they do a further 100 reviews, but only get an additional 10 agreements showing on their stats, and their Wayfarer rating has gone down to poor.

    So currently J is at poor rating with.

    200 reviews total

    40 Agreements

    160 review's that are either against consensus or have not finished being reviewed.

    For this example we will be assuming that, unknown to J of that 160, 120 have finished reviewing and J was against consensus which was the reason their rating dropped, and 40 are still being reviewed.

    J decides to go on a blitz before taking a holiday and reviews 200 in the next day. Overnight J has become a reviewing demigod and everyone of those reviewes was done correctly.

    Over the next 5 days, while J is doing absolutely nothing, each of the reviews reaches its consensus and J, due to their god like reviewing powers, has agreed with every single one of the decisions.

    So while J is doing nothing, their rating has now gone from Poor to Great again, because all those 200 outstanding reviews has reached consensus.

    J's rating has changed solely on the agreements they have gained. The fact they were waiting on some to finish being reviewed makes no difference, it is solely the final consensus outcome that changes J's Wayfarer rating.

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