Incorrect photo sphere location and incorrect portal position

Hi, I write regarding the following portal:,9.269438&z=15&pll=45.402975,9.26307 . The portal is located, according to the scanner and the intel map, in front of one of the many warehouses / administration building in the area. However, the photo sphere which should show that the portal exists (,9.2630756,3a,45y,130.63h,94.58t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipMNSxQPo_loUIQGNNTcL7YrK5rYuHeUgAqhzWRA!2e10!3e12!7i8704!8i4352) has been taken from a completely different area (compare img 1 and img 2 TAKEN FROM GMAPS), resulting in a correct location around 45.406437,9.26815 , more or less... Next to the rest of the murals.

What are we supposed to do? The scanner invalid portal report has been rejected due to the (incorrect) photo sphere and location edits can be done for a distance of only 15m.



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