Description edit accepted, but not showing up in-game

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Title of the Wayspot: Lekeplass Vesthellinga

Location: (59.4138507, 10.6685589)

City: Moss

Country: Norway

Screenshot, photos and additional info:

I submitted an edit for a playground late last year, which said something more about the playground and what activities there are on the playground. The edit got accepted Jan 15th this year, but it still hasn’t shown up in-game. Can you fix this? See attachments for the edit accepted e-mail, and a screenshot of the in-game description of the Wayspot today.

Update: Added attachment with a screenshot of the approved Wayspot from 2019, which shows that the description at the «birth» of the Wayspot is the same as it is today, even though the edit was approved.

I highly doubt that some random player submitted an edit to revert the description back to the original (non-informative) text shortly after the edit of the description was approved. I have never seen the approved edit of the description in-game.

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