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AisforAndis can't log into the forum

GearGlider-PGOGearGlider-PGO Posts: 1,334 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 2021 in Report a Bug

You may remember them from such threads as the St. Cloud Abuse reports and the Baker Island threads, but for the fast few days, @AisforAndis-ING hasn't been able to log into the forum. They've shared with me some details so I could make this bug report thread on their behalf.

That's what my home screen looks like. No posts or even post categories show

Any time I click a post through an external link I get this

Looking at my own profile it shows me I dont even have access to my own posts and comments

It let's me go to the page for new posts, but because I dont have access to any categories, I can't actually make one:

This happens when they try to log in with both the google log-in and facebook log-in.

In addition, when they tried to log in using the Pokemon GO player log in, it seems to have made a separate account entirely, @AisforAndis-PGO, even though they have their PoGO and Ingress accounts connected on the same NianticSocial account (and when usually when using the Ingress/PoGO log in options, the forum will log you into the same account and just change your username depending on the game).

So if @NianticCasey-ING or @NianticGiffard or someone could look into why @AisforAndis-ING can't log into the forum, we'd all appreciate having one of our best contributors back in the forum.

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  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention @GearGlider-ING! It looks like there was something up with @AisforAndis-ING's permissions on the backend. I have refreshed their permissions, which should address the issue at hand.

    Please let me know if they're still experiencing this issue.

  • Glad to hear it @AisforAndis-ING! I checked with the support team for our forum provider and they said that this looks to be a caching issue since you accidentally logged in with your Pokémon GO account on the same device/browser.

    If you run into the issue in the future, clearing your cache and cookies should resolve it. They also confirmed that this was a very odd outlier and, in doing a sweep of the community, they don't see other impacted users.

    Welcome back!

  • AisforAndis-INGAisforAndis-ING Posts: 1,059 Ambassador

    @NianticCasey-ING The issue started on the 9th, and I didn't think to log in via Pogo until the 10th, so I'm suspicious that logging into the Pogo account was the actual cause. I guess that might have made things worse, but it shouldn't have been the cause.

    If you want to see the timestamps yourself, I sent you a DM about this issue on the 9th after a few hours of experiecing the issue and exhausting all of the basic tech support rules (including clearing cache), and the creation date of the @AisforAndis-PGO account wasn't until the next day on the 10th, which can easily be seen on the profile.

    Also, one of the tests I did to try to fix it myself was logging onto this account via an old iphone 6s that had never been to the wayfarer forum. It should have had no caching issues, and I still had the same issues. Just an FYI that it seems unlikely that that was the true cause.

    Lastly, @AisforAndis-PGO still exists as a separate account, so I'm a little worried this isnt truly fixed. Will that be an issue down the line?

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