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    @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard

    Good Morning, I hope all is going well! It has now been a week since our last update on the missing rewards. A lot of players received their Ingress passcodes after the last announcement, but plenty of others haven't. Also, we would like an update on Murkrow Spawns that were promised with the event. Personally that was the reward I was looking forward to most.

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    Finally, I confirmed the specifics of the reward mechanics. Unfortunately, you are only able to receive the rewards associated with the login method you use to access Wayfarer. If you log into Wayfarer using your Ingress account, you would only receive the Ingress rewards. Likewise if you log in using your Pokémon GO account, you would only receive the Pokémon GO rewards.

    @NianticCasey-ING This part doesnt make any sense. Users logging into the Wayfarer website to review log in via their Google or Facebook account. We don't log in via our specific Ingress or Pokemon Go usernames like we do here on the forum.

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    Thank you @NianticCasey-ING for your truthful answer. It makes me sad that your colleagues Sometimes make Errors and you have to be the one to Bring the sad truth and then make people angry. But you are the one that Has this Job.

    When will we have to drive bannered Cars to San Francisco?

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    Came here to ask the same thing.

    When logging into Wayfarer, I'm never choosing to represent a specific game. My original Wayfarer access was granted from Ingress, but (as shown in here) I tend to identify more as a Pokémon GO player. I also have a friend who received nomination (and Wayfarer nomination management) access through Ingress at level 10 but then nomination & review access through PoGO at level 40 (back when Ingress level 12 was required to review). Does the system determine for us what "game" we represent? If so, why, and how? I thought we were all Wayfinders/Explorers reviewing for Niantic in general.

    So what's up with that comment, @NianticCasey-ING, @NianticGiffard?

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  • Hi folks,

    My apologies, talking about logins is complex. My previous comment was regarding people who were only eligible in one game but logged in with an email address attached to both. Thank you for calling out my error @Gendgi-PGO and @AisforAndis-ING.

    Allow me to clarify the rewards mechanics:

    • If you have participated in the challenge, you receive the rewards for the games in which you are eligible for Wayfarer AND use the same login email address as you do for Wayfarer.
    • In order to receive both rewards, you have to be eligible in both games AND have to use the same email address across all three: Ingress, Pokémon GO and Wayfarer.
    • If you use different email address for each eligible game, log in to Wayfarer with each email address, participate in the challenge, and receive rewards in both games.

    If you expect both rewards based on your eligibility, I would encourage you to double check which the authentication method you use for Wayfarer and that it matches both games, and that you're eligible in both games to participate in Wayfarer.

    I've gone back and edited my previous comment for clarity. Apologies for the confusion!

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    Thanks, we were probably looking into it too much 😅 your clarified update makes much more sense!

  • Hi folks,

    I posted an update on the rewards thread, but sharing here too for posterity:

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    Thank you so much for the feedback and the effort. Regarding the 5 upgrades, I have a very important question though : will they be automatically applied to our current nominations ?

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    First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to update. Very disappointing that the promised rewards were not able to be awarded to the players around the world who worked hard during this event. I hope system issues like this are rectified for future events to prevent additional frustrations from players. I enjoy helping out but also was very excited for the rewards. I hope events are handled more smoothly in the future, I see improvements from the last wayfarer event and hope to see more improvements. A quick piece of feedback on the overall event is in the future I think it would be helpful if players could opt in directly from Wayfarer to participate in the event.

    I have several questions and concerns on the 5 upgrades. First off what happens in the event of a player already having 10 upgrades, or close to the cap of 10 upgrades? Will they lose out on the free upgrades or will the system put them over the current cap of 10?

    Will they be automatically applied for players who have open nominations? A lot of players have specific nominations they prefer to upgrade and religiously use the upgrade next feature, if 5 upgrades are dumped onto the account they might not be given the opportunity to select their "upgrade next" in time.

  • Thanks for your understanding @AgentB0ss-ING, I truly appreciate it. To your point about learning and growing for future events, this situation is definitely something that we'll be carrying forward as we design future events and think about participation rewards.

    To answer the questions about the Upgrade rewards:

    1. Will they be auto-applied? Yes, they will automatically be applied to open nominations if you haven't tagged specific nominations as Upgrade Next. I know this is not ideal and that feedback has been clearly communicated internally. If you have no open nominations to apply them to, they'll remain unused.
    2. What happens if you already have 10? Wayfarer will allow you to receive more than 10 in the instance that they're granted by Niantic. You will see up to 15 total Upgrades if you have collected the maximum currently.

    Hope that helps! Thanks again.

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    my understanding is you can only apply “upgrade next” to one nomination at a time, so in this case people with more than 5 active nominations would have 1 applied to their pre-selected one and then the other 4 randomly, or will they have time to select more than one to “upgrade next”?

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    Will Ingress players receive the 5 upgrades as well? For the record, my PGO account is not at L38 yet and wasn't eligible for the PGO rewards.

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    I would have reviewed a few nominations for those incubators, better than "a chance for shiny murkrow"

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    Five upgrades! WOW! That's SO much bigger than 20 power cubes! Can we trade?

  • Thank you!! This is awesome, even if they did apply kinda randomly I’m still very appreciative of this extra, very generous gesture!

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    Thank you @NianticCasey-ING this is a much better reward for me.

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    I applied "upgrade next" to one nomination. One upgrade applied to that one, and the 4 others were applied randomly, all at once. I found out when I woke up this morning. That's a bit unfortunate for me because I wish I could have chosen on what to apply them (I had some great ideas of POIs I could use upgrades on), and they've been randomly applied to my local rural POIs which were in voting for a few weeks already and which I was carefully trying not to get upgraded (because they have better chances if they're reviewed by locals who know our local history and who know that a pedestrian access doesn't mean concrete sidewalks etc.). That means in the past few weeks, if I was close to getting an upgrade I would ride my bicycle in the towns around and try to find some strong POI to apply the upgrade on, so that it doesn't go onto my local POIs. I don't complain because it is a very great reward but I really hope Wayfarer does something in the future so we can decide when to apply upgrades.

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    Unfortunatly randomly applied Upgrades are the worst Case scenario for my nominations, the Chance for trailmarkers is very very Low in combination with Upgrades. :(

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    Niantic also ackn that this has been a problem, but has given the information to other interns.

    That means, someone decided that this will be done this way, knowingly that this decision will make alot of people unhappy.

    Also Niantic is aware that an automatically random assigned upgrade is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

    I would be very upset, very very upset if this has happened to my old submissions that are already in voting for over 12 month, and especially if these were B - Candidates that only have a chance when they stay in voting HERE and not upgrade to "St. Elsewhere".

    Anyways, this has had happened, and Niantic is so good to tell us that they are aware. Awareness and not hiding things from the Playerbase is the first way to redemption from sin.

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    I haven't had a significant difference in local to upgraded. The 5 upgraded were 4 athletic fields and one pavilion. The majority of my stuff is extremely boring ones of that type.

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    Yes, I'm in a similar situation as well. I got lucky myself, because 3 of my 4 "random" reward upgrades were assigned to nominations that I would've upgraded eventually anyway, but the fourth is a nomination that I didn't want to upgrade.

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    Good Afternoon Casey,

    I hope you are doing well today. I see that the 5 upgrades have been pushed out as mentioned. However, my concerns about capping out at 10 appear to be the case. My Pokemon GO Account (HeracrossB0ss) which is separate from my Ingress Account was at 8 upgrades already and when the 5 bonus upgrades were applied it hit the 10 cap and did not get the additional 3 upgrades it should have based on your message.

    Please let me know if you need screenshots showing the 8 upgrades from several days ago and now being capped at 10.


    Of the five upgrades I received, the one I applied the "next upgrade" to was rejected.

    The problem is with the remaining 4 upgrades.

    The problem was that the remaining 4 upgrades were applied to a distant nomination that I had forgotten about and were treated as 4 duplications.

    The apology was very nice, but the distribution method was terrible.





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    I had 5 upgrades before the challenge. No rewards will be given after the challenge and it will remain at 5. Can you investigate?

    I have received Ingress passcode and my account is the same as Pokemon go.My Pokemon go account is not at L38.

    I overlooked the description.

    If you log into Wayfarer using your L10+ Ingress account but your Pokémon GO Account is below L38, you would only receive the Ingress rewards.

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    @NianticCasey-ING Following up on this. Previously you stated players would get 5 upgrades regardless of the 10 CAP going up to at most 15. I was at 8 Upgrades on My PoGO account and capped at 10 with the 5 upgrades that were awarded as compensation for the event.

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    Good Morning, Hope you had a nice weekend. I was following up to see if there was any more information on my above issue in comparison to the information you provided.

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    Good Morning Casey, I hope you are well. I am still seeking a response on the above matter. We were promised 5 Upgrades and you even said it could go over the 10 cap. Despite this I capped at 10 and only got 2 Upgrades of the 5 Upgrades.

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    @NianticCasey-ING Following up on this thread. Please read above posts and your last post on this thread. I lost out on 3 of the gifted upgrades promised.

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