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Wayfarer Test Bug

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and, unfortunately, I failed the test twice. And, I didn't understand the reason. I read all the material that was available in the Criteria tab to take the test with confidence.

I wanted to clear my doubts, because I'm sure that I answered the questions correctly. However, I was unable to get enough points to pass the test and now I cannot repeat it. Is it possible for me to appeal and ask for a verification of the test they apply?

Some indications that lead me to believe that the test has a bug is that, there were questions in which the title of the POI was duplicated. However, the photo of the POI and the location were not always the ones referred to in the title. In addition, I caught an issue where two of the options were duplicates. It was a question in which the correct answer was related to the nomination being in a private residence, for that reason it wasn't eligible. However, there were two options that had that answer.

Could you find out about this problem?

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