What to write in the additional info?

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Hello, this is my first time I have made 4 nominations.

  1. Mini library http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/zpgMMlgVQOfcq49-DrFAr49ERLe3rN0RJzOJUSmZK_qWXfHuCXAqe-D70nVLm9nLyHbIt7Fv4VtwtHplrfdV9gbGF7cl8hx8NxpPT8c
  2. Playground http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6__rsU3M3ijsj6GhtRTbMQd1AUu5LY5iPNlsC261a4bs1m8O5e4Kpc5_5krfFLARA4VUwBzJaQuqCco2IEybnAeTaUVch0Z22ECmlgoEKA
  3. Wall art http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/wgxbgu7KUOM1EOvK1lfGJD-8w1u6PSUaTsqdVvFPciB-aoOlyVOPr5QHEH3wmJx0_LNBPKuM7zeiQmIA9oQ4S3uJFHnNRssKTr4p4xA
  4. Valuable old tree (Officially registered in the City list of Valuable trees) http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nf2AK-oCdA5vtU6JqXH8vxIuxBnkvdZ5c--mImdFVNLIzhhWWm71BES0I01M9ZH2v5cjxScA-C5FyZxbZEEowNVSWloHi638X8gvycTq

They are still in the queue, but I have questions before they are reviewed.

On the Photo of the tree the street sign with the name of the street is visible, is this a problem?

I wrote this tekst in the additional info:

"This is a safe place, the street is closed for cars. Children can walk to it safely. Now we have only 3 pokestops at the edges of our neighbourhood. Most of the gyms and pokestops are outside our neighbourhood. The children have to cross dangerous roads to get to gyms and for more pokestops. Thats not safe. We could use a gym/pokestop within the safe area. Thank you in advance" Is this tekst OK? I had to write this because the nearest gym is a construction site now, not so safe.

My last question, I wrote the tekst in English and also Dutch. Do i nominate only in English or is it good to do both languages, I live in Holland.

Thank you for reading and replies.


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    The name of the street being visible isn't a problem-- you're already providing the precise location, and a street sign doesn't reveal personal information. However, the tree itself is going to fail as a natural feature. You could submit a sign or plaque for it if there's one.

    What should go in supporting information depends on what the candidate is. You want to pretend you're a reviewer and ask yourself what information would be most helpful for you if you were reviewing this submission. Sometimes it's a clarification of the location. Sometimes it's an explanation of why the thing you're submitting is important. Sometimes you don't need much... playgrounds almost always explain themselves, though you might sometimes need to guide the reviewer toward finding it.

    Your supporting text should be about the candidate itself, not about what else is in the area. When I review a candidate I'm never going to think to myself, "This is completely ineligible... but they want stops in the area so OK." I'm always reviewing the submission strictly on it merits as they align with Niantic's criteria. Also, some reviewers will look negatively on the text you provided as "begging for stops"... we see this a lot, and it gets tiresome. Remember that you're submitting things that can potentially become wayspots in four different games right now, not just Pokemon Go.

    A few months ago I wrote a long article that explains how to create good submissions, including a lot about what to put in supporting information and why. You can find it here: How to submit things that get accepted.

    As for what language to use, I would look at existing things in the area for guidance.

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    Mini-library - there is a good chance this will be rejected on the basis of "PRP", but we'd need to see the full nomination to judge. it should not need much in the way of a description or supporting info - "Community litle free library" is more than enough.

    Playground. Playground - no more needed.

    Wall Art. This one looks like the butterflies are stuck on the end wall of a house, so it will likely be rejected as "PRP". Again, you don't need to say much - "Butterfly wall art" is enough.

    Tree - from this photo, reject as a "natural feature". It might be a "valuable tree", but it's still just a tree.

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    I guess that you're using the same additional info in all the submissions, isn't it?

    That doesn't provide any info about your nomination, it's just the same as leaving it blank, tell us about the nomination. Why it is a good nomination, don't beg or talk about your preferred game. Help the reviewers to understand why it fits criteria.

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    What is PRP? Should I nominate in Dutch or English language. In the examples for pokestops or Gyms I see both sometimes only Dutch or Only English. What If I nominate in Dutch language and it comes to not local reviewers and dont understand the language? So i nominated in both languages, but don't know if that is wise?

    This are the full nominations, I left out the tree.

    Mini Library:












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    Language is normally better in the native language. However, I think reviewers from other countries will evaluate your subs. Be careful about that. I think belgium or netherlands submmiters complain a bit about that.

    talk with your national wayfarer group.

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    Thank you all for your replies, Hosette-ING  I read all your article it is a good start. Thanks for it. sogNinjaman-ING Thank you also for your input, what is PRP? I have here the full nomination informations with the photo's. The tree I did not put in here, probably not getting approved. Another thing I am still not sure is the language, I can imagine that the reviewers might be close to my location so Dutch speaking reviewers. I am not sure if the nomination review go to a wider reviewer audience then only my location, thats why I also wrote in english. What If i nominate in Dutch language and it is an American reviewing it?

    Mini Library:



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    PRP is Private Residential Property, meaning the place where a single family lives. PRP is understood to include anything on exterior walls or fences of single family homes. Common areas of multi family buildings are not PRP.

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    How do I come in contact with local wayfarer group. I am guessing discord but where to start?

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    each country has their national wayfarer group. Unoficial, of course.

    Try telegram, discord, facebook or even reedit https://www.reddit.com/r/NianticWayfarer

    i don't recomend whatsapp. Dont expose your personal number...

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    Ok - now we can see the full set of photos.

    Mini-library - This should be accepted - seems to be located on the grass verge of a pavement, not in a private garden

    Playground - should be no problem

    Wall Art. I can't see the POI in your supporting photo, so i can't tell if this is on the wall of a private house or not. It is always helpful to reviewers if you include the POI in the photo as it helps reviewers establish the location of the stop.

    Submit in whatever language you are happy with. Google Translate makes things easy, but a lot of the standard "always accept these" Waypoints are easy to evaluate from the submission photos. In most cases, a playground is a playground is a spielplatz.

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    @Krayhan01-PGO Always, ALWAYS show your submission in your supporting photo. 90% of the time the main purpose of the supporting photo is to help reviewers identify the specific location. I can show you a good example of how that's useful from somethings hat I submitted last summer. A brand new mural showed up, so new that I think I submitted it the day it was finished. Clearly it didn't exist in Google street view, so the burden of proving the location was on me as the submitter.

    CraftBeerForAll.jpg is the brand new mural.

    CBFAStreetView.jpg is what reviewers saw in street view. Obviously there's a roll-up door there, but is it the same one? Is the mural really there? As a submitter, how could I prove this? I have an extremely useful asset to help me here-- the building just to the left of the mural, has distinctive architecture. The distinctive trim and the round windows give me a good way to anchor the submission in the context of the larger environment.

    CBFASupporting.jpg is my supporting photo. I got the entire front of the building with the mural along with enough of the building to the left to show that the locations were identical. I had a minor problem with the shiny new apartment building in the background but that was easy to solve with text. "The mural is less than a week old and is not yet visible on street view . The supporting photo shows context, especially the unique brick building. The apartment building in the background is also newer than street view."

    See how that all comes together to educate the reviewer about where the submission is located? It makes it easy for someone to say, "Oh, OK, I see where that is" and accept it.

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    Thanks guys, those were again very helpful ideas and suggestions. So I had to change the playground and Wall art nomination, unfortunately not possible by the website. So I had to withdraw my prior nominations and make a new one! :(

    The advice about the POI and the nomination MUST show in the additional photo was very helpful, especially for the wall art nomination. You can see on all additional photos also the nominations POI. For the Wall Art you can see it is on a private wall but it is next to a road (which is closed for cars!). The Area to reach the POI is a public space.

    I have also taken out all the "begging" sentences, I write down how to reach it , where it is situated and what the object is about. Here are the results, I had to zoom out to show the whole nomination as image, but it gives an idea how it is now.

    Minibieb (Free library) https://ibb.co/r0zVx86

    Playground https://ibb.co/tXVZ9x0

    Wall Art https://ibb.co/2kN2rr0

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    @Krayhan01-PGO I'm glad we could help! The Wall Art supporting photo in particular is much more helpful to reviewers.

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