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A german translation is extreeeeeemely misleading for reviewers

Time1608-PGOTime1608-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭
edited April 2021 in Report a Bug

To make this short:

If you want to reject a submission and go to "location" you can reject it as "location is inappropriate" or "location is sensitive".

Well, the german translation is basically: "location is inappropriate" and "inappropriate location". The same exact word is used for two different rejection causes.

Since "senstive" is "sensitiv" in german, I would recommend switching it to "Ort ist sensitiv". I would also replace the other "inappropriate" with "anstößig" ("Ort ist anstößig") which is already being used in the descreption of the rejection cause. It is simply the more exact word for the problem.

Edit: Someone commented that you are aware of this and "working on it". I therefore gave you the exact translations you could literally just copy. Check it with a translator to make sure I didn't just wrote garbage and you are done :)

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  • LukeAllStars-INGLukeAllStars-ING Posts: 4,624 Ambassador

    In general, there are some translation mistakes. This mistake is already posted a lot here. All the time, Niantics answer was "we will fix it". But yet, nothing happened. Nothing to this problem, "watermarked" rejection reason isn't even translated in German Wayfarer, other spelling mistakes are not fixed, the text on the "not meet eligibility criteria" rejection reasons still say that you need to give a short state why it is not eligible even though this is not needed. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

  • Time1608-PGOTime1608-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Thank you for letting me know that. This is actually quite frustrating and I edited the comment a little bit. It is really zero effort to just copy the translation. Also, this isn't just about a description most people don't even read, this is about the damn headline

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