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Title of the Wayspot: Fontana battesimale St. Stefano



City: Teramo (TE), Abruzzo

Country: Italy


Good evening. A portal has been moved from its exact location. A letting abuse has been made. The fountain in question is visible from the satellite photos and the photos I am attaching to you. The original name "Fontana del Ruzzo" has also been changed.

I ask to be able to restore the original location, name and description.

Exact location: 42.662518,13.6974027

Exact name: Fontana del Ruzzo

Exact description: Fontana con zampillo, posta sotto la maiolica raffigurante il Gran Sasso di Teramo.

[Trad. Fountain with gush, placed below the majolica depicting the Gran Sasso di Teramo.]


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