Fake Wayspot Abuse in Lebanon, MO

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There's a lot of fake and purposefully misplaced wayspots in Lebanon MO. Objects do not appear on satelite or streeview, and backgrounds of photos/archtecture of buildings do not match those in the photos as well.

Vernon Park Area:

Country Information Board (Streetview)

Vernon Park Playground (Streetview)

Vernon Park Volleyball (Streetview)

Latterday Little Library (Streeview) (Same photo as Walmart LFL below)

Lebanon Properties Information Board (Streeview)

Broadway Soccer Field (Streetview)

Spring Flowers Mural (Streetview)

Vernon Park Whirl-E-Dirly (GMaps)

Kenoly Bark Park (Streetview)

Cherry St. Soccer Practice Field (streetview) (Same Pic as Sedgwick Soccer)

Vernon Swings (Streetview)

Broadway Football Practice Field (streetview)

Walmart Area:

Little Free Library (Streetview) (Same photo as the Latterday LFL above)

Archangel Mural (Streetview)

Pokemon Mural (Streetview)

Sedgwick Soccer Field (Streetview) (Same Pic as Cherry Soccer)

Sedgwick Playground (Streetview)

Commerce Luminoc clock (Streetview)

Jefferson Dog park (Streetview)

Bald Eagle Mural (Streetview)

Willow & Pine:

Bosewell Baseball Diamond (Streetview)

Little Free Library (Streetview)

Charlton Ln:

Charlton Playstation (Gmaps)

Charlton Community Soccer (Gmaps)

Charlton Dog Park (Streetview)


executive suites playground (streetview)

GT Playground (Gmaps)

Gasconade Park Playground (streetview)

No proof but highly Suspect:

Free Library I Am I Am (gmaps)

Patriotic Mural (Streetview)

Cowen Soccer (streetview)

Historical Barn (Gmaps)

That's all I found just looking around. If anyone else can find any in this area, feel free to post here.

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